Maks Chmerkovskiy & Kirstie Alley Fought Over ‘Flirty’ Actions

Kirstie Alley and Maks Chmerkovskiy from Dancing With The Stars, sourced from Instagram

Former Dancing With The Stars pro Maks Chmerkovskiy is opening up about an awkward encounter with one dance partner. He and the late actress Kirstie Alley competed on DWTS Season 12 together. While the two developed a strong friendship, things didn’t always run smoothly in the rehearsal room.

In fact, Maks recently revealed he and Kirstie argued over perceived “flirty” behavior during rehearsals. Keep reading and see what he had to say.

Kirstie Alley Thought Maks Chmerkovskiy Was Hitting On Her

Maks Chmerkovskiy has moved on from Dancing With The Stars, but he’s elated about his newest gig as a judge on So You Think You Can Dance. These days, he’s doing plenty of interviews to discuss the world of professional dance.

PEOPLE obtained an exclusive look at an upcoming interview with the Ukrainian dancer. In the video, he talks about his partnership on DWTS Season 12 with Kirstie Alley. And it wasn’t always a positive experience, although they did go on to be close friends.

Kirstie Alley and Maks Chmerkovskiy from Dancing With The Stars, sourced from YouTube
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“[Alley] is like, ‘You’re so flirty,’” Maks says in the interview. “I’m having a heart attack, because I don’t know what else to do. How to figure this out. I’m sitting here, ripping my hair out. She’s like, ‘You’re so flirty.’ I’m like, ‘I’m not flirting with you.’ Why would you say that? She’s like, ‘Well, look at where your hands are?’ I’m like, ‘Where’s my hand?’ ‘It’s on my butt.’”

Maks adamantly denied flirting with Kirstie and insisted it was more about her center of gravity.

“I’m like, ‘It’s on the part where your center of gravity is, at a place where I can move you,” the So You Think You Can Dance judge remembered. “I’m like, my hands are not on your shoulder, cuz you’re going to keel over. Like I’ve gotta move that, you know. So where do you think my hand should be?”

The Pair Went On To Finish In Second Place That Year

According to Maks Chmerkovskiy, the rehearsal room debacle was incredibly awkward.

“She’s standing like, ‘You’re an a——.’ I’m like, ‘What? I’m explaining factually like what I’m doing,’” Maks continued in the interview. “So, you know, just because you’re not used to that hand placement doesn’t mean that we’re having this flirtation, right? But if this is not communicated, she’s walking away thinking, ‘Oh, my God. He’s hitting on me. He’s hitting on me the entire rumba.’ I’m like, ‘No I’m not! I’m just trying to make it look like a rumba.’”

Despite the hiccups, Maks and Kirstie did finish in second place. NFL star Hines Ward and pro dancer Kym Johnson Herjavec went on to win the Mirrorball Trophy that year.

Check out the preview of Maks’ interview here:

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