‘ABP’ Snowbird Brown Shares Exciting New Project

Snowbird Brown On Instagram

Alaskan Bush People star, Snowbird Brown made an exciting announcement on social media this week, and fans who checked it out seemed thrilled. Discovery Channel fans love her because she fought her cancer so bravely. Read on to find out what’s going on with her now.

ABP Fans Like Snowbird Brown Because She Gives Updates & More

People who love cats and other animals love Ami Brown’s 29-year-old daughter. Then, others who wanted to know more about coping with tumors, liked that she shared so many of her experiences. Cancer’s scary, so people want to try and understand more about it. Meanwhile, others were awed by her decision to keep her uterus because she still hopes to raise kids.

Bird Brown on Alaskan Bush People
“Birdie” Brown – ABP – YouTube

Snowbird Brown also updates on other members of the family. Earlier this month, she shared the news that her mom had been admitted to a hospital with breathing difficulties. Later, Discovery Channel fans heard that she recovered well enough to go home. Now that her daughter has a bit of spare time on her hands, she made a new announcement. And this time, it’s not worrying news, but exciting.

The Exciting New Project By The Alaskan Bush People Star

Taking to her Instagram and TikTok accounts, the Alaskan Bush People star explained that she opened an Etsy store. In her reel, she said that she called it “SnowBirds Crafts.” She explained that Discovery Channel fans won’t find tons of things there because she makes them in her “spare time.” Additionally, she noted that she makes them herself, which takes time. More followed:

I mentioned it a couple of times on my live, but I actually have my Etsy shop up and running. I’m still tweaking…..but it is operational and I do have a couple of things for sale on there. I handmake everything, so it takes a bit of time to get things listed…

Snowbird Brown - Instagram
ABP – Snowbird Brown – Instagram

On the Alaskan Bush People star’s Etsy store, some nice comments went into the reviews. So far, she sold seven items, and her “Cat Lady Crafted red bead earrings” sold for $15. Other items include bracelets and wind chimes.

In the comments section on Instagram, some ABP fans seemed almost as excited as Snowbird Brown:

  • Very excited to see you opening your shop!! I’ll be stopping back regularly in hopes of finding my treasure made by your hands!
  • Oh my goodness I’m definitely going to check this out rn 😂🥰 …
  • Going to head over and check it out …
  • How wonderful you create your own shop, something to be proud of .. I wish you a wonderful day with beautiful and loving moments … ❤️

My Etsy shop is open. #birdbrown #catlady #tomboy #fyp #esty #nature #jewelry #handmade #craft #alaskan #washington

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What are your thoughts about Snowbird Brown opening up her store on Etsy? Are you excited about her hand-crafted trinkets and jewelry? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Alaskan Bush People news.
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