Snowbird Brown Shares Uplifting Post Amid Cancer Update

Snowbird Brown Instagram

Alaskan Bush People star, Snowbird “Bird” Brown is very popular with Discovery fans. After her cancer scare, people felt terribly worried about her. Because she needs regular testing, she and her ABP followers wait with bated breath for the results. However, amidst her cancer updates, she managed to seem more like her old self. Recently, she posted an uplifting video on social media.

Alaskan Bush People Fans Love Snowbird Brown

Plenty of people decided long ago, that they liked the second youngest daughter of Ami and Billy Brown. She and Rain seemed particularly close, and both of them seemed to have a huge zest for life. Then, disaster struck and in Season 14 on Discovery, the cancer scare played out. In fact, when Birdie ended up in terrible pain, it was Rain who insisted that she should go to the hospital.

Alaskan Bush People Rain and Snowbird Brown - Discovery YouTube
Alaskan Bush People – Rain and Snowbird Brown – Discovery YouTube

Snowbird Brown stayed quiet for a while, but soon, updates started arriving via social media. Relieved ABP fans welcomed them. She’s young, and the tumors on her ovaries made people more aware of the cancers that women deal with. Additionally, they admired her because she turned down a uterus removal because she wants babies one day. That was a terribly hard decision for such a young person to make.

ABP Snowbird Brown Shares An Uplifting Video

The most recent update about cancer came after several minor surgical procedures. Bird revealed to her ABP followers that one of the procedures was a laparoscopy. Actually, she seemed to be in a lot of pain. However, she eagerly awaited the results, which seemed inconclusive. Nevertheless, no cancer was found. Upbeat, she seems fully back to her old self up on the mountain in Washington. In her uplifting video on Instagram, she talked about winter coming.

Alaskan Bush People - Snowbird Brown Shares Uplifting Post Amid Cancer Update - Instagram
Alaskan Bush People – Snowbird Brown  – Instagram

In her post that originated on TikTok, Snowbird Brown said in the caption, “The weather is changing.” But in her hashtags, she talked about people getting outside, loving themselves, and of course, cats and dogs. One of the pups was with her, and she said the dog loves going out with her when she does her “chores.” Because it was getting colder and icy, she’d been making sure the horses had water to drink.

Uplifting & Happy Post

Alaskan Bush People fans heard that Snowbird Brown seems excited about winter. At least it means less possibility of wildfires when it snows.  Mind you it makes her chores a bit harder to do. Right now, she’s just happy because there’s “snow on the mountain.” Plus, it rained, and she loves the rain. She couldn’t wait to get the chores done so she could go and play in “the snow.”



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Are you happy to see that Bird seems to be so happy and full of life as winter approaches? Did you enjoy the uplifting video? Let us know in the comments below and come back here for all your Alaskan Bush People news.

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