‘Alaskan Bush People’ Bird Brown Starts New Venture

ABP - Bird Brown from Instagram

The cast of Alaskan Bush People has been starting to get a little more active on social media. Now, Bird Brown has added yet another endeavor to her schedule when letting fans get to know her better.

Here is a look at what Bird Brown is doing online and how you can support her.

Bird Brown joins another social media platform

It all started with the Alaskan Bush People siblings when Bear Brown started becoming more active on Instagram. Many felt he saw the success of his wife Raiven, and this was even more legitimized when he followed her onto TikTok as well.

Soon, all the Brown siblings became more active on Instagram and shortly after this, Bear joined Cameo. Soon after, every one of his brothers and sisters (except for estranged brother Matt) also joined Cameo and they began making personalized videos for fans at a very fair price compared to other celebrities on the platform.

Alaskan Bush People Bird Brown from Instagram

Many fans on social media comment sections began to spread rumors that the family was in dire need of money or that they were ripping off fans with the Cameo. However, there might be another more reasonable explanation. Social media, Cameo, and more are all part of the reality TV world now, and if Alaskan Bush People is to continue on, the cast needs to embrace this – and they have.

Now, Bird has followed Bear Brown and her sister Rain Brown onto TikTok. Bear has been pretty active on his account, but Rain has struggled with hers. Rain also struggled with Cameo at first, so this wasn’t a surprise. However, it seems that TikTok canceled her first account because they didn’t believe it was really her.

Rain is back, and she shared a recent video of her feeding her bunnies. Now, Bird has joined the site as well, saying that Rain told her how fun it was on TikTok. It was also why Bird said she joined Cameo, as she and Gabe were the last two to join that site as well.

Alaskan Bush People Bird Brown on TikTok

Bird Brown’s TikTok account is @snowbird907brown.

There is only one video so far on her account, and it is a slideshow of photos, mostly from what looks like one setting where she took a series of selfies. She used the trending song, “Island in the Sun” by Weezer to play over the montage of photos.

Bird Brown - IG

That first video got her 410 likes and 66 comments. It also might be the best place for the Alaskan Bush People cast, as Raiven Brown has mentioned in the past that the people on TikTok are nicer and less toxic than those on Instagram.

Are you interested in seeing more of Bird Brown on TikTok? Is this a nice way to keep up with the Alaskan Bush People family until the new season finally comes around? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I love tbis family..Dad and Mom did these kids such Justice raising them lime they did.They will make it at a y cost.I mean we all could take a lesson fromBilly and Ami .
    These kids are amazing to me. I love bird she is a natural born leader.

    1. Yes, I have been wondering what the family was up to. I know reality TV isn’t reality, that being said, it does have a ring of truth to it. I assume they do retakes to get things right and to keep the audience tuned in. I do wish Bird would get her teeth fixed. I wore braces from the time I was 23 until I was 27. I am still glad I did at 67, I also wonder if Noah and his family moved to their island in Alaska. Where are Bam and his girlfriend; does he have any kids yet? Does Rain have a boyfriend; she must, she is too cute not to. What’s up with Gabe and Raquel? etc.

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