‘Alaskan Bush People’ Bird Brown Offers A Reminder For Her Fans

Bird Brown - episode screencap

Alaskan Bush People star Bird Brown has been very active on social media lately compared to the past. In a recent photo post, she had a reminder for her fans that she wanted to share.

Here is what Bird let her fans know and what Bird is up to now with her family.

Bird Brown sends Alaskan Bush People fans a reminder

Bird Brown has been posting a lot more on Instagram lately. She has only 10 posts on her verified account, but six of them are from the last two weeks. As expected with Bird, three of them have animals in the photos. She is holding a squirrel in one, has a cat lying in a blanket in another, and is feeding a deer in a third. There is also a photo of her walking in the snow.

Bird Brown with Rain - episode screencap

However, the other two new posts are about the same thing. Last week, Bird announced that she had joined Cameo and was offering personalized videos from the site for $40, which is a very low price for reality TV stars to charge. Bird Brown was the most recent member of the Alaskan Bush People cast, following Bear, Noah, Bam, and Rain.

Now, she has a brand new photo where she is just smiling at the camera, with a reminder for her fans.

The reminder is for everyone to “always remember to take a break.” She then added a hashtag for #cameo, as well as others for #birdbrown, #discoverychannel, #alaskanbushpeople, and #catlady. This means it is also a reminder that she has an account up at Cameo for anyone interested.

Bird Brown looking to the future

Telling people they need to take a break is also something that might be important for Bird. She had surgery in the last season of Alaskan Bush People to have two large tumors removed. She had the choice of having a full hysterectomy to attempt to prevent cancer in the future, or taking the risk and passing on the surgery.

Bird Brown IG

Bird chose not to have the full hysterectomy. She has dreams of having kids in the future, even if that does mean the chance that she could end up with cancer when all is said and done. She also said that she needs to change her mindset because there won’t be any kids if she remains single.

If there is another season of Alaskan Bush People, it will likely focus on Bird looking to her future. However, she also mentioned taking a break, which is also important for her own health. With Rain Brown starting the gold mining on the mountain and Bird looking to improve her health, things could be chaotic next season on the show.

Are you interested in getting a Bird Brown Cameo? Which of the Alaskan Bush People family do you think sends out the best videos to fans? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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    1. I love and respect the Brown Family for living life their way, and I can tell they get more done by 9 am than most of us not living in the bush do all day. God bless them !😇♥️👍

    2. Thank God! We’ve been putting up with this farce for far too long! sorry, but I chuckle to myself to be seeing these uneducated kids trying to be Internet stars. Thank Scami and Bilky for not providing a proper home and life for these kids; constantly on the move and scamming good people all the way!

  1. Wendy, I really hate to burst your bubble, but the WHOLE show is nothing but a Big, Fat, LIE! These ppl are major scammers and liars; NOTHING they say they have done is true. Billy was a lazy bum that didn’t like to work. He married Ami when she was 15 and kept her barefoot and pregnant to keep her tied to him. Billy ran scams on good honest people with his “pity me” stories. Fact: He had the kids selling CD’s about his “Alaskan Stories”, but the CD’S were BLANK!! There is plenty more evidence out there supporting this. Just type in “Alaskan Bush People Scandals” and start reading.

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