‘Alaskan Bush People’ Fans Express Heartbreak For Birdie

Birdie with Ami Brown on Alaskan Bush People

The season premiere of Alaskan Bush People featured a shocking moment when Birdie Brown learned that she had two tumors by her ovaries.  She also received some heartbreaking news, as she learned she had a choice between having children in the future or possibly contracting cancer.

After the episode, Alaskan Bush People fans have rallied in support of Birdie.

Birdie learns about tumors on Alaskan Bush People

Birdie had it rough on Alaskan Bush People this week. She was still struggling with the death of Billy Brown from a year ago. Out of all the Brown kids, it was Birdie that had the most trouble moving on. She said on the episode she had no idea who or what she was supposed to be. Bird also said that her brothers were having children and starting their own families. However, Bird felt lost.

Birdie Brown in hospital

When she found a journal Billy wrote for his family, she secretly hoped for a personal letter from her dad to her, but never found one. However, her mother Ami wrote a letter to her from her and Billy, but had one stipulation. She knew that Birdie wanted to go back to Alaska to find herself, and she told her to wait until she was back to open it.

She then told her daughter that Noah and his wife was headed to Alaska to find a new home there and asked her to go with them. Rain agreed to go with her sister, but then Birdie admitted she had been in pain for a long time but never told anyone. She had refused to go to a doctor and finally had no choice. Birdie had two tumors and while the doctors removed them, they could return with cancer if she doesn’t have a full hysterectomy.

Fans rally around Birdie during medical emergency

Birdie has to choose between having kids in the future or reducing the chance of contracting cancer. Alaskan Bush People fans on Reddit were there to support her after the announcement. One person wrote that they “really hope Bird is able to make a good decision and it’s the correct one for her health.” They also mentioned all the heartbreak the family suffered through.

Rain with Birdie Brown on Alaskan Bush People

Another fan wrote, “if Birdie’s results are in a grey space now, there’s good odds they’ll tip in the wrong direction.” They then prayed that in 30 years, they hope Birdie is still around and happy.

A third fan said they have always had a “soft spot” for Birdie, calling her “a beautiful spirit without a mean bone in her body.” They also mentioned that they hoped doctors could save her eggs, so maybe someone else could carry a baby for her in the future. It is clear Alaskan Bush People fans are there to offer emotional support to Birdie in her time of need.

Were you surprised to see Birdie’s medical problems play out on Alaskan Bush People? What choice do you think she will make? Let us know in the comments below.

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    1. I would go ahead with the hysterectomy. I am childless and it’s not the worst thing in the world, it opens up opportunities that you would not have with kids. I had a total hysterectomy due to genetically I test positive for carrying ovarian cancer gene. My Mom had ovarian. My life was more important than reproducing. You can always adopt or save eggs if you are so inclined.

      1. I agree! The hysterectomy is vital to her life! She may explore other options for children later on when she is ready. A seroget, adoption. And maybe all her nephews and nieces will fulfill her. Not knowing her feelings on her own children…she may not wish to have children. I pray she makes the BEST choice for her health. Prayers for her! I’m so sorry she is facing this! So young! But saving her life is important above,all. Along with her momma…she is the matriarch of the family. They need her! God bless you!

  1. I also would have the hysterectomy. Save some eggs. Be safe bird. Where theirs a will, theirs away for children. Your health comes first.

  2. Dearest Birdie, next to your amazing Dah, you were my favorite , though I adore All of you. I have cried with you during all the tradgeties that have befallen your family .
    I could go on forever about how wonderful and unique your family is, but, I will center on you. I would not rush a judgement. Wait a bit, see how strong you are. See if with your Faith, you can overcome it. If not, go ahead with the surgery . Children can come from many places if you need that. You may be happy as an Aunti… First of all, think of yourself.
    Also know the Earth is transitioning into the Golden Age of Aquarius!. It is a reality. Everything will change for the better after a bit of the suffering we are enduring now. Our bodies will heal!
    Just give it some thought. Look into this Biblical event.
    I Love you Dearest and your family

    Love, Light & Peace.

  3. save the eggs and have plastic surgery and dental work. It’s the only you will find a man unless he is visually challenged.

    1. I hate to tell you this…but You Could Have Saved That Comment!!!! People should KEEP NEGATIVE COMMENTS TO THEMSELVES. IN OTHER WORDS WHAT YOU’RE SAYING IS THAT’S HOW YOUR DAD BECAME YOUR DAD??!!!!!!!

    2. lol. You sound like someone who’s never had a sexual relationship yourself.
      good luck with yourself. just kidding on the good luck part.🤡

    3. are you for real you Sicko. you can never say something like that to a wonderful woman like Snowbird. firstly you have zero right and second only the scum of the earth would say anything to who she is and who would really love her for her heart and wonderful person she is..

    4. She is beautiful! She is birdie exactly like she is! Save those eggs! Be as beautiful as you are and always will be! Sending hugs and love to you birdie and your entire wonderful family!

  4. Birdie, I am sure of one thing, You have a sweet and humble spirit of love that comes from your heart.
    When we have difficult and hard decisions to make, sometimes their are no easy answers and we don’t know where to turn. But, if you listen to your heart and let the Lord guide you, you will never go wrong. No matter what and under any circumstances your heart is always right.

  5. I also love the show . I haved cried at different episodes . Sometimes these episodes . Now with Birdie , I agree have the surgery and save some eggs . Maybe one of your sister in laws could be a surrogate for you .
    True fan Jackie Smith (Savanna,Illinois)

  6. Birdie, your health is so important if you develop cancer and passway any child you have will be without a mother. My daughter in law had gotten cancer and couldn’t have children cause chemo had destroyed everything. But a year latter. Little 8 month old boy was deserted by; his parents. They adopted him and they couldn’t love him any more if he was their natural son. Love comes from the heart and I’m sure you will have a child. So many children need a family. You have such a loving caring heart. ]lease take care of yourself and I’m sure if your dad was here he would tell you to love yourself and take care of your health he wouldn’t want you to loose a battle with cancer. So I for one would tell you to have the hysterectomy and then give a needy child a loving home. You will make a great mom full of love regardless if it’s a natural child or an adopted one. Love grows. God bless you and I’m praying for you.

  7. Birdy is a child of God and always has been God will save her from this he will heal her body when she will go on to have children if she chooses to God bless you very we are with you and praying for you

  8. Bird is my favorite family member. Except for rat slippers, she could do no wrong. Until now. I don’t have a right to be but I am so mad at her for not going to the doctor sooner. I realize that it more than likely wouldn’t have changed anything but apparently that doesn’t change my anger. Prayers Birdie.

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