‘Alaskan Bush People’ Family’s New Hustle Hints At Money Issues

Bam Brown on the ranch in Alaskan Bush People | episode screencap

The Alaskan Bush People siblings, at least those who take part in the show, have all started a new side hustle. Birdie Brown was the most recent of the six to join Cameo. Now, all of the family is on the social media site with the exception of Gabe Brown.

However, why are they all joining Cameo at the same time? Does it mean that the Brown family is suddenly hurting for money?

Alaskan Bush People‘s Birdie Brown joins Cameo

Bear Brown was the first Alaskan Bush People family member to join Cameo. Quickly after he signed up, Noah Brown also joined and the two brothers charged $35 and $40 respectively for the Cameo videos. After they signed on, Bam Brown also joined the site, despite being the least outgoing member of the family.

Birdie Brown on Alaskan Bush People - episode screencap

Rain Brown was next, and hers ended up delayed until she could set up some ground rules for her fans. This was important because several guys on her Instagram were asking the 19-year-old Christian girl to join OnlyFans and deliver risque material. Now, Birdie Brown is the next to join, leaving Gabe as the only one left yet to join the site.

This is big news for most fans of Alaskan Bush People. While there are countless fans on Instagram who have no idea what Cameo is, and several others who don’t understand the idea of paying for things, there are even more who are already jumping onto Cameo. They want personalized videos sent to them and their loved ones.

The best news is that the family is charging less than many reality TV celebrities with similar shows. Fans could get a video from all the Brown siblings on Cameo and pay about the same price as someone would get from one video from Sister Wives star Meri Brown. However, why are the Brown siblings all getting on Cameo in 2023?

Bird Brown IG

Is the Brown family hurting for money?

In the last season of Alaskan Bush People, the family was trying to get things going on the mountain after the fires from the last couple of years destroyed much of their land. Bear and Gabe Brown set out to build new homes for their families on the mountain. Noah Brown went to Alaska and bought an island home, partially using the barter system to complete the deal.

Birdie Brown just had major surgery to remove two tumors from her body, and there is little belief that the family has health insurance. Rain Brown wants to set up a gold mining operation on the mountain to try to find gold. Meanwhile, Ami and Bam Brown are working on getting their ranch going.

Rain Brown in an Instagram pic
Rain Brown in an Instagram pic

Some fans left comments on Rain Brown’s Instagram about her Cameo account claiming that the family are millionaires. Rain responded with laughing emojis. There is one problem with this. When Ami Brown went to court concerning a lawsuit filed against the Alaskan Bush People profits, she had to reveal her net worth. It was $439,000, including $415,000 in real property for four parcels of land.  There was also only $2,000 in a bank account.

There were rumors that Billy Brown was making bank from the show, but Matt Brown said he never paid his kids and kept it all for himself. Billy also had no will, so there is no evidence that the family is worth “millions.” Could they have joined Cameo because they are now in a crunch for money?

Another Reason

A more likely reason, though, is that Bam Brown hinted that a new Alaskan Bush People season was coming. Warner Bros.-Discovery might want the Brown kids to get on sites like Cameo and become more involved in social media. It would also help promote the next season of the show.

Do you think the Alaskan Bush People family joining Cameo is because they are having money problems? Are you excited and planning to get one for yourself or a loved one? Let us know in the comments below.

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