Will ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Return For Another Season in 2023?

Birdie and Rain Brown - episode screencap

Alaskan Bush People ended its most recent season with a glimpse at the future. However, fans want to know if the show will be back for another season to pay off the building blocks from this season.

Here is what we know about the possible return of Alaskan Bush People for a 15th season.

Is Alaskan Bush People coming back for Season 15?

There is no official word from Discovery Channel about whether Alaskan Bush People will be back for Season 15. However, it is a smart bet that the Brown family will return for another season and possibly more after that. According to Parrot AnalyticsAlaskan Bush People sit at 98.3 percent for all reality TV shows based on demand. This means that there is a higher demand for the show than 98.3 percent of other reality TV shows in the United States.

Bam Brown - episode screencap
Bam Brown – Episode Screencap

It also has 9.5 times the demand of the average TV series in the United States over the last month, and that is even after the season ended. With such high demand, it seems like the very vocal haters of the Brown family on social media are a small minority, or people hate-watch the show when it airs. Whatever the reason, as long as Alaskan Bush People remains this popular, Discovery Channel should keep airing the series.

What is most impressive is that Alaskan Bush People aired its most recent season after Billy Brown’s death. Some people might have tuned in to see how the family moved on from his death, but siblings like Noah Brown, Birdie Brown, and Rain Brown kept people enthralled throughout the 14th season as they all faced major difficulties in their lives.

What will happen in the new season of Alaskan Bush People?

If there is a Season 15 of Alaskan Bush People, the storylines are already set up, and there are some others that fans could guess based on the last season and real life. The two main storylines should rotate around Noah Brown and Rain Brown.

Noah is moving back to Alaska with his wife and two kids next spring/summer. Since this season filmed from January through the fall months, that could mean filming Noah’s move and then showcasing him setting up his new home on the island in Alaska he purchased. This should sell the season to fans who missed the family living in Alaska.

Ami and Rain Brown - Episode Screencap
Ami and Rain Brown – Episode Screencap

As for Rain Brown, she wants to chase her dad’s dreams of gold on their mountain home in Washington. In the season finale, the Brown family learned that there is gold in the mountain. Rain wants to set up her new mining operation there on the mountain and start looking for gold with her sister Birdie by her side.

Other storylines could involve Birdie’s future plans. She learned she had two tumors this past season and chose babies in her future rather than a hysterectomy. However, cancer is always looming for Birdie. Both Gabe and Bear began building homes for their families, but they never finished them during the recorded season. Gabe finishing his home could be important. However, Raiven just left Bear, so there is no telling how that story will play out.

Finally, Bam and mother Ami finally sold their first cattle from the ranch, and they want to make it profitable for their future on the mountain.

Do you want to see Alaskan Bush People return for another season in 2023? What do you want to see on the Discovery Channel series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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      1. They have to come back we all need them in our lives for sure! We need to follow them all to the end. The kids are growing up and their kids are coming in to all of lives! We need to see all the kids come back home with mom!

    1. I would love the show to return. It is a interesting life story, and I hope the family stays together it is more intersting and entertaining then any written show or tired remake offered to us now. Bring back the Browns!!!

      1. yes I hope it comes back has it a great program I.going to miss it hope comes back for another season

    2. I started watching the show 3 months ago and just love watching how they survived in Alaska. I am still watching the show. I would like to see what they are all doing now, now that the father is gone. Thank you

  1. i loved the show, i would like to know how it ends, and see how everyone is going in life without there dad. it is very interesting and i would like to see more of the seasons go and end. please let there be more seasons of the alaska bush people.

  2. My husband and I LOVE the Alaskan Bush family. We have binged watched it ever since we found it on the Discovery channel. What a great series and a GREAT family. i cried when Billy died…an amazing man, father and husband. We are born again Believers as well and we love their openness about their faith. I would love to meet them in person. More of this family…keep it coming!


  3. I hope so. This is actually a reality show worth airing. Good people with good values. I am always amazed how they just keep going loss after loss the number of houses they built just to move on to the next one and build up from the ground up.

  4. I discovered the show a couple of months ago. I fell in love with all the boys on the mountain. But after watching so many twists and turns with the family. I realize the importance of Ami, Rain and Birdie are the heart of the show. I don’t think I could live in the bush but it sure puts the wonder in my head. please more ABP!!! The best family since the Waltons.

  5. Love this show,have watched from the beginning.So nice to watch a family that support each other no matter what.Miss Billy’s presence but they should all be proud of the values that he and Ami have given them. I definitely will look forward to seeing a new season.

  6. I have watched this show since the first episode that aired way back when. Some say it’s fake and perhaps it is, however if you really watch it there is a lot to be learned from the show. The love of family, and the art of working together for a common goal. Something this world need to see and do more of. I love it and hope to be able to continue to watch more episodes for a long time to come.

  7. I hope there will be a season #15 of Alaskan Bush People. I’ve enjoyed the show since first seeing it and hope you will continue to air it. ‘Would love to follow the family’s growth and development.

  8. I have watched this show since the first episode and never missed a showing. I hope Discovery will bring the family back for my continued viewing:)

  9. Really enjoy watching this Show of the Browns and there Struggles and Sucesses. Have watched it for many seasons and would love for it to be continued. There are so many things happening in all their lives. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of them.

  10. I have been watching the town family for years and they are wonderful and would hate to see them go!!

  11. I love the show it broke my heart when Billy passed! I know how they all was feeling. Bird is beautiful in side and out! I really hope the show will be back on Real Soon!

  12. We have grown to love this family, and admire the love of family sticking together. With hard times of Ami with her battle of cancer, being run off of land, to up hill battle of Billy sickness. To Matt and his issues. I feel that’s a family of true beings. Yes everyone does things once or twice in life they aren’t truthful about, But don’t mean to lay down and give up. just to true to God he’s the only one that matter at the end of the day. love this family

  13. Please bring it back we enjoy watching family shows an it would b nice to c the girls find someone in there life an hopefully Noah will come back with the family

  14. I want to see the Alaskan Bush People return love the show I have watched all episodes and I dearly love the Bush family. Please bring them back.

  15. Yes to Season 15 … and beyond as long as the show does not turn into just another documentary about ordinary people with ordinary troubles. I have noticed that touches of run-of-the-mill values seem to have started polluting the innocence that the isolation from ordinary had brought the Brown family in its earlier days. If a Brown Town type place could be reborn with its back-to-nature freshness coupled with maybe a teensy bit less trauma and hardship, the utopia we all seek when we watch this show might still be an inspiration worth watching season after season. Frankly, I’m thinking maybe a little of the dreaded scripting would be the answer for this show as long as a huge portion of reality and heart still remains at the show’s core. After all, for me, it’s about how the show affects me, not about the methods used to get me there.

  16. Brown Family is like what the Walton Family ofyears ago was……….a great family show! Brown Family show has EXCELLENT scenery of Alaska and Washington Mnts. I acrtually saw the ‘fire’ from British Clombia from high up in a Condo facing Siouth East to the USA. I always look to see when the next episode of ‘Brown Town’ is happening but so far not a site of it in the TV guide. Loved following the changes of the passing of Billy and the new little ones that have arrived and Noah’s move to the Alaskan Island that he bought. Wud love to see an update on how his move turned out..Hope the familiy is safe and well!

  17. I’ve been a fan right from the start I hope the show does return for season 15 I’m from the UK and they have a following over here so fingers crossed on the show being made

  18. I love this show and their family values on how to survive in the wilderness. This show shows not only how to survive, it show how it use to be when we did not have any electricity many years ago. I look forward to this show coming back in 2023 and forever.

  19. I am not happy that Noah and Raven moved back to Alaska away from the family but I would like to know how they are doing. I love them. Who is going to invent things to keep the homestead going now. I am not happy that they have gotten rich. Their lives were so interesting when they were struggling.

    I want Birdie and Raine to find husbands and have babies. I love Bamm. If I were younger, I would have moved to the mountain and pursued him for a husband. I just love the idea of living in the wilderness and starting everything from scratch. I truly hope Discovery Channel brings them back so we can watch the rest of their lives.

  20. When i was in quaretine caused by the covid i start seing alasca bush people. Today i have seen the last episode with End.?
    Why.I love the show.
    Nuno Jose,Porto.Portugal

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