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Fans Blast ‘Alaskan Bush People’ For Saying Family Is Everything

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Fans of Alaskan Bush People are not happy with the show. They are now blasting them for saying that “family is everything.” The season finale ended on a very awkward note. It clearly wasn’t what the production expected when editing the season together.

Here is a look at what the hit Discovery Channel series did and why fans are not having any of it.

Alaskan Bush People claim ‘family is everything’

The season finale of Alaskan Bush People ended with a couple of moments that had many fans throwing their hands into the air. The cast had a voiceover at the end before the narrator added his own thoughts. Rain said that when the Brown family sticks together, they can get through anything. She called it “Brown luck.” The narrator then added that the future looked bright, with Raiven playing with River on the screen.

Bear Brown on Alaskan Bush People - episode screencap

To promote the finale, the show also added a few photos of the family members, including one of Raiven and River. Whoever runs the Instagram account wrote, “family is everything.” Between this post and the season finale, no one is hearing it anymore and fans have lashed out at the family on the show’s IG account and each of the individual family members’ accounts.

The problems for Alaskan Bush People fans are twofold. First, they are not happy that the Brown family always talks about family being everything, but Matt Brown remains ostracized by the family. Fans have spoken out about this to Bear on social media. Plus, he cut loose with a since-deleted response, blaming Matt for everything. Even so, fans won’t let this go.

“All family… besides Matt…ok…This show is so hypocritical sometimes,” one fan wrote on the show’s Instagram post.

Things are even worse for Bear Brown and his estranged wife, Raiven.

Raiven left Bear right before the Alaskan Bush People season finale

Fans were wondering from the start of the season how the show would deal with Bear Brown’s domestic abuse arrest. However, the show just ignored the entire event and jumped over it to the pregnancy announcement. Yet, while the show made it seem like things were perfect with Raiven and Bear, things were much worse.

Bear and Raiven - episode screencap

Raiven announced she was leaving Bear right before the Alaskan Bush People finale, making the moment worse. The production already edited the show with Raiven and Bear looking happy and hopeful for their future at the end. If Matt’s estrangement wasn’t enough for fans to show disgust at “family is everything” comments, Raiven leaving Bear “for her own safety” was.

When discussing how “family was everything”, one fan wrote on the show’s Instagram post, “If it’s everything to you then why did you have domestic charges against you for putting your hands on your wife?” Things are rough for the Brown family right now, and true fans are hoping they start to improve before everything crashes down around them.

Do you feel it’s time to bring Matt Brown back to Alaskan Bush People? More so, do you think it is hypocritical to talk about family values without their oldest sibling? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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