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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Working On Rain Brown’s Gold Rush Dreams

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This week on Alaskan Bush People, a storyline from last year played out in what was a sweet moment for Birdie Brown. Worried about her sister Rain, Birdie decided she had an idea to lift her spirits. She got Noah to join her side as well, and they set out to make Rain’s dreams come true.

Last week, Alaskan Bush People revealed that Rain had temporarily left the show to seek professional help. She had been suffering from depression since her dad died, and the trip back to Alaska sent her to a really dark place. While she is getting the help she needs, Birdie is gold hunting.

Birdie and Noah want to make Rain Brown’s gold dreams come true


After last week’s bombshell that Rain Brown was getting professional help to deal with her depression, this week saw the family have a meeting about it. Ami Brown admitted that sometimes people needed to do something on their own. This was Rain’s chance to get help, and the family would remain patient, hoping for the best.

Birdie Brown looking for gold - episode screencap

However, Birdie felt guilty about the entire situation. She felt depression issues of her own this season about Billy’s death. At times, it seemed a little selfish, as she wanted to find a personal note from him to her, and she never really thought about her siblings. When she went to Alaska after she had two tumors removed, Rain went with her.

Rain Brown, 19, captained the boat through a storm and got them there, while also working hard to keep Birdie from hurting herself. It was too much for the young Rain and she finally broke down. Now Birdie has the plan to make Rain happy when she returns. Rain and Billy planned to look for gold in their mountain. Therefore, Birdie asked Noah to help her set up the rigs needed to achieve this dream.

Rain and Billy’s gold plans on Alaskan Bush People


Billy Brown made plans with his youngest child, Rain, to look for hold in the mountains where they owned their land. There were signs that people had searched for gold in the past, as equipment remained on the land. Billy and Rain believed there could be gold. Plus, this was something the two could do while the older siblings moved on with their lives.

Alaskan Bush People - episode screencap

Billy died before the dream could become a reality. Last season, Rain bought a variety of gold mining equipment and planned to follow in her dad’s footsteps and look for gold. While things didn’t get very far, Rain had an idea where there might be gold and now Birdie and Noah are putting the equipment together for her. When she gets home, her brother and sister have helped her finally start her gold rush dreams.

What do you think about Birdie and Noah trying to help make Rain Brown’s gold rush dreams come true on Alaskan Bush People? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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