‘Alaskan Bush People’ Gabe Brown Freaks Fans Out With Greeting

Gabe Brown - episode screencap

Alaskan Bush People star Gabe Brown has freaked out some of his fans with his latest social media photos. Gabe loves to have fun and he marches to the beat of his own drummer. However, for some of his fans, it is often a little too jarring.

Here is what Gabe Brown did lately that freaked out some Alaskan Bush People fans.

Gabe Brown with a late Christmas greeting

Gabe Brown is not like his brothers. While Noah Brown is the smart guy, Bear Brown is the extremist, and Bam Brown is always “respecting the danger,” Gabe seems to just want to have fun. This makes him one of the fan favorites of many Alaskan Bush People fans. Yet, it also causes some fans to always pass judgment on him.

Gabe Brown on Alaskan Bush People - episode screencap

In a social media post that he made on Instagram on Saturday, he shared a Christmas message that he almost sent out. While he sent it out on New Year’s Eve, he wanted people to see how he almost celebrated Christmas with them. What he sent out was a picture of him and his lovely wife Raquell, the original message was a little scarier.

In the photo, Gabe was standing across the room from his Christmas tree. He had his tongue hanging out of his mouth. On the tip of his tongue was a Photoshopped photo of him looking on with his trademark eye shadow on display. It was clear this was Gabe having fun, especially with his more uptight fans.

It worked, as several fans freaked out while others loved Gabe’s willingness to just have fun.

Gabe Brown IG

Alaskan Bush People fans blast Gabe Brown for photo

One fan posted that he was “starting to look a little crazy there freak show.” Gabe saw this and responded that he was sorry if he offended them with his post. When another fan told him not to apologize and to keep being “wild and free,” Gabe wished them a Happy New Year. This led the original to backtrack and say they were just messing with him.

Gabe Brown working - episode screencap

This then led fans to ask why he wears eyeliner, a debate among many Alaskan Bush People fans over the years. Gabe started messing around with them, saying he “loves a good mystery.” Another fan asked, “Wtf happened to this dude.” Once again, Gabe loved it and responded by writing, “right?” While fans seem more than willing to remain judgmental of what Gabe does, he seems willing to just roll with it and keep being himself.

There were a few people who loved it, and some who actually saw it compared to others. One wrote, “Alice Cooper was the first concert I ever went to,” seeing a similarity. Gabe loved this, responding, “he’s a fantastic performer, and really nice guy.”

Does Gabe Brown freak you out or do you like him being his own weird self? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. He is just one more reality personality attempting to stay in the public eye. More clicks =more money. Sadly, it is getting ridiculous the lengths some are willing to go to do so.

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