‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Becomes Overwhelmed

Bear Brown- Discovery

Alaskan Bush People cast member, Bear Brown recently made a big announcement for his fans. He has been working hard to sell Cameo messages to his fans. He told them this week that he was running a very special deal. For Valentine’s Day, he had slashed the prices of the Cameo messages. His fans were very excited to hear this too! Many of them told him that they would love a message for their loved ones from him. Bear had no idea what he was getting himself into though.

Why Is Bear Brown So Overwhelmed?

In a new post on his Instagram account, Bear told his fans that he wanted to tell fans that he was going to stop doing requests for Cameos. He let his fans know that he was a little behind and overwhelmed with the video requests right now. However, Bear told his fans that these requests will be met but that they are first come first served. It turns out that his special for Valentine’s Day has been a huge hit! He did mention that he has plenty of siblings who are also on the platform and that they would also be glad to do any messages for fans and their loved ones.

Alaskan Bush People- Discovery
Alaskan Bush People- Discovery

Fans were quick to react to his video. Many of them told him that the special was a great marketing tactic and they were sure that he was going to make a lot of money this way. One fan told him, “Bear! Thank you so much for the video you did for my soulmate, who is in the hospital here in Scotland. You sent such a lovely message, and I was truly touched.” These fans told him just how much they appreciated the Cameos that he had sent to them so far.

The Browns & Cameos

Bear Brown let his fans know that he had started doing Cameos so he could connect more with his fans. Additionally, his siblings are also jumping on the trend. Moreover, it seems as if this is one of the many ways that they have started to make more money. Bear has taken a lot of time to send messages and videos to his fans. He has been pretty busy with his new baby, Cove, but is still doing what he can.

Just a few weeks ago, Bear and Raiven Brown welcomed their second child. Of course, this has become one of his priorities, but so is making money. He did give his wife a huge shout-out for how amazing she is to him. He professed his love to her after she gave birth. The birth wasn’t easy, but they all made it through.

Bear Brown- Instagram
Bear Brown- Instagram

Do you think that Bear will get to all of his Cameos? Plus, would you order one from him? We would love to hear your comments below. Stay here with us at TV Shows Ace for more Alaskan Bush People.

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