‘Alaskan Bush People’ Bear Brown Professes His Love To Raiven

Bear Brown and Raiven / YouTube

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown has been in an up-and-down relationship with Raiven over the years. However, they are once again back together and seem stronger than ever. This has led to his recent proclamation of his love for her.

Here is what Bear said about Raiven and what is next for the couple.

Bear Brown proclaims his love for Raiven

Bear Brown and Raiven have not had the best first year in their marriage. After the wedding in January, Bear ended up in jail in March for domestic abuse charges. Raiven asked the no-contact order to be lifted and she ended up pregnant with the couple’s second child one month later.

Bear Brown and Raiven / YouTube

The series, Alaskan Bush People, ignored the entire situation. The show jumped from them moving up the mountain to the pregnancy a month later. However, Bear and Raiven were mostly absent outside of the pregnancy announcement after that. Then, the show focused on the other Brown siblings.

During the season, Raiven deleted most of her Instagram posts and unfollowed Bear. A short time later, she followed him again and started adding the posts they shared back to her account. Then, in December, Raiven announced on social media that she and Bear separated. She said they would co-parent and would answer no questions about it.

Raiven went back to Texas. However, soon Bear Brown joined her in Texas just in time for Christmas. Raiven has since acted like her separation announcement never happened and claims they chose to go to Texas to be closer to hospitals. With that in mind, it looks like they are officially back together again.

Bear Brown IG

Bear Brown took to Instagram to show off his history with Raiven and profess his love for her. He had a slideshow of photos of him, Raiven, River, and other pics with the caption, “To the love of my life! Forever yours Raiven!”

What is next for Bear Brown & Raiven on Alaskan Bush People?

Bear Brown and Raiven should be back for the next season of Alaskan Bush People. The last season of the show was taped from the end of January 2022 through the start of fall. Raiven and Bear’s baby is due and if it starts like it did last year, the beginning of the season should start filming after Raiven the arrival.

With Raiven and Bear in Texas, don’t expect them to be filmed until they are back in Washington after the baby is born. That will happen at the end of this month. The two will likely remain in Texas for a time after the baby’s birth to ensure mother and son are completely healthy. That means the story with Bear and Raiven should start sometime in March on the next season of Alaskan Bush People.

Are you excited to see Bear Brown and Raiven back together and happy again? Do you want to see more of their relationship on Alaskan Bush People next season? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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