‘ABP’: Rain Brown Is A Ray Of Sunshine In Summery Snap

Bird and Rain Brown episode screencap

Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown shared a summery photo with her fans and looked like a ray of sunshine in the pic. This is a huge deal. Anyone who followed the most recent season of the hit Discovery Channel reality series knows it was a challenging year for the youngest Brown sibling.

Here is a look at the new photo from Rain Brown and how things seem to be looking up for her.

Rain Brown shares ‘summery’ photo with fans

Rain Brown on Alaskan Bush People - episode screencap
Rain Brown on Alaskan Bush People. Credit: Discovery Channel

Rain Brown has been missing in action from social media since late in the last season of Alaskan Bush People. Anyone who watches the show knows why. In the season, Rain went to Alaska with her sister Bird and brother Noah for a short trip back home. Noah was looking for a new home to buy for his family’s future. Birdie wanted to reconnect with her past and find her future.

Rain was there to keep an eye on Bird, who just had surgery before leaving. She was also the captain of their boat as they traveled throughout the Alaskan waterways while Noah searched for a new home. While the season focused on Bird’s depression issues, it was Rain who struggled the most.

When they returned from Alaska, Rain quietly checked herself into a mental health facility and underwent treatment for her depression issues. She didn’t even stop at home to talk to her mom. The death of Billy Brown devastated Rain, and she kept it inside for so long that it just crushed her when she was in Alaska.

She then returned in the season finale to talk about her experience in the facility and explained what she learned about herself there. That makes this new photo such a big deal. In the image, from a photo shot over the past summer, Rain smiled at the camera for a selfie. She then captioned the photo, “Wishing everyone summery feelings in this harsh winter time.”

She also added hashtags including #staystrong and #stayhappy, possibly for herself as well as her fans.

Rain Brown IG
Rain Brown on Instagram

Rain Brown planning big things in next season of Alaskan Bush People

When Rain Brown returned home from the mental health facility, she saw that her family had a massive surprise for her. Birdie and Noah worked on starting up the gold mining equipment on the mountain. By the end, every one of her siblings chipped in and when she got back, it was time to start looking for gold.

This really helped turn Rain’s outlook around. She and Billy had planned on this for a long time. When he died, she might have thought her dreams were dead, but this is not factual. Now, she has a chance to achieve the dreams her dad had for her, and that might finally help her turn things around in her life.

Were you happy to see Rain Brown in a new photo, looking happy and joyful? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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