What Happened To Rain Brown On ‘Alaskan Bush People’?

Rain Brown - episode screencap

Rain Brown has been the rock on Alaskan Bush People for her sister Birdie. However, everything broke down a couple of episodes ago. After the last episode, producers included an on-screen text revealing that Rain was getting professional treatment.

This moment worried fans of the Brown family’s youngest member. Here is what happened, and what led to this sad moment.

What happened to Rain Brown on Alaskan Bush People?

Rain Brown has tried to remain strong all season long for her sister. Birdie Brown learned she had two tumors she needed to be removed. This almost caused her to miss a big trip back to Alaska. However, Birdie went anyway, and Rain went along to care for her sister. There was one problem. Rain is only 19, the youngest member of the family.

Rain Brown - episode screencap
Rain Brown – episode screencap

Despite this, Rain had to watch Birdie do reckless things all season. It was hard to keep her older sister from doing things that could cause further injuries. Rain also ended up captaining the boat as they traversed through Alaska. This included dangerous passes in narrow ravines. Add in a storm that she had to pilot the boat through, and she had a lot on her shoulders.

Birdie has remained depressed for the last year after her father, Billy, died. One of the big things that Birdie wanted to do in Alaska was to retrace her parents’ footsteps. Birdie grew up there, but Rain has no memories of Alaska. This made everyone concentrate on what was best for Birdie, but no one thought about Rain.

Rain learned how to pilot a boat from Billy Brown. As the youngest child, Rain was the one who worked closest with her dad on many things, as he was more settled down when she was born. While Birdie never recovered from Billy’s death, Rain never grieved. With the weight of caring for Birdie, and then captaining a boat for the first time without her dad, Rain finally broke.

The Brown family is all suffering this season

The last two episodes showed Rain’s breakdown begin. On the boat, she got sick after captaining through the storm. She vomited and then needed to get some rest. She had previously admitted that she received messages from her dad by listening to the radio, and that showed itself here as well.

Rain Brown - episode screencap
Rain Brown – episode screencap

When Rain was captaining the boat, she kept asking her dad to come help her. Finally, when Rain and Birdie were in the woods, Rain told Birdie that she spoke to their dad. She said he told her that Birdie had done good, and she could rest now. Birdie showed instant concern for her sister, and that is when the episode revealed that Rain had sought professional help.

There is no word on the outcome of Rain’s treatment, but she is clearly suffering from depression issues. Birdie admitted that Rain never grieved for Billy and this all flooded back to her on the Alaskan trip. Alaskan Bush People also showed this with a flashback scene to Billy and Rain putting a table together in a sweet father-daughter moment. Birdie has dealt with depression all season. Noah has talked about going back to his roots. Bear and Raiven have had serious issues. And now Rain is struggling. This is a tough season for the Brown family as they attempt to move on from Billy’s passing.

What are your thoughts about what happened to Rain Brown on Alaskan Bush People in this last episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I’m tired if stupidity at times, crying, only reason I’m watching is I like them sort of back in Alaska where they belong. why can’t they go back to browntown

  2. The Alaskan Bush people are actually real! Watch on discovery+ from Season 1 Episode 1 and you’ll see all the hard times this family went through

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