Luann de Lesseps Claims She ‘Carried’ ‘RHONY’

Luann de Lesseps-Instagram

Former RHONY star Countess Luann de Lesseps is claiming that she “carried” the long-running series prior to the reboot. The performer and mother of two was an OG cast member of the show and has since been on two of the RHUGT. Yet, now she is making allegations and, of course, fans are reacting. Read on for more details.

Luann de Lesseps Claims She ‘Carried’ RHONY

For thirteen seasons, Countess Luann de Lesseps’ life was documented on RHONY. She showed her life with the Count, raising her two children, Victoria and Noel, and then her divorce. There was also her singing career and her relationship with Jacques Azoulay. Then, for Season 6, Luann was demoted to “friend of” but still maintained a very heavy presence on the show. She and Jacques broke up by the end of the season and she found love with Tom D’Agostino who had dated both Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan. That ended in disaster and landed Luann in rehab.

Ramona Singer, Luann de Lesseps-Instagram
Ramona Singer, Luann de Lesseps-Instagram

Unfortunately, after Season 13, the show went on an indefinite hiatus, not having a reunion and eventually getting completely recast. Now, Luann is claiming that she carried the whole series for thirteen seasons and a Reddit thread was started to debate this.

LuAnn claiming she carried RHONY for 13 years… 👀
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Of course, the OP was questioning what RHONY fans thought of this allegation. After all, there were many housewives in the series who became fan favorites More so, there were several times where Luann had been called out for being on her high horse or not thinking about anyone but herself. So, what did fellow Redditors have to say about Lu carrying the show?

  • They did. They all did.
  • Luann is an amazing housewife and a great example of how you don’t judge on one season.
  • Lu didn’t get nothing, she fell in the bushes, got pirate d, got the yacht girls! for 5 minutes, got arrested, got a cabaret career and eggs a la🇫🇷
  • like where’s the lie?
  • Luann still looks amazing though

Fans Love Lu

Ultimately, fans love Luann de Lesseps because she started out as the uptight Countess. Then, she fell from grace and tried her best to be humble. She did a lot in her time and most recently appeared on the RHUGT RHONY Legacy. Additionally, she made waves by hooking up with Joe Bradley of Southern Hospitality. They denied anything had happened as he had a girlfriend and is thirty years younger. However, it came out during his recent reunion. So, Lu is definitely keeping herself busy.

Do you think Luann carried RHONY and would you like to see her back on the show? Let us know in the comments below.

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