Countess Luann’s Hookup With Joe Bradley Confirmed?

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Has Countess Luann de Lesseps’ hookup with Southern Hospitality star, Joe Bradley finally been confirmed? The two had sparks flying but he had a girlfriend and Luann denied anything happened. Now it seems that she has been caught telling lies. Read on for more details.

Countess Luann’s Hookup With Joe Bradley Confirmed?

RHONY alum and two-time RHUGT star Countess Luann de Lesseps was on WWHL with Joe Bradley. The two had visible chemistry which viewers caught on to. Of course, his girlfriend, Danielle Olivera was there and that was a line Luann said she would never cross. Yet, when paparazzi caught her, she said to never say never down the line. Admittedly, she is somewhat of a cougar and there is a thirty-year age difference between her and the Southern Hospitality star. Luann is now on tour which she had to halt due to personal reasons and the rumors faded into the distance.

Luann de Lesseps, Leah McSweeney-Instagram
Luann de Lesseps, Leah McSweeney-Instagram

Now, the rumors have resurfaced, according to Starcasm but they come with confirmation. Apparently, his co-star, TJ Dinch leaked DMs that prove that something happened between Bradley and the Countess. The topic of their possible canoodling came up at the Southern Hospitality reunion. Host Andy Cohen wanted clarity about what went down after WWHL. As predicted, Bradley continued to stay in the Countess lane and maintained nothing went down. Unfortunately, Dinch had his smoking gun of the messages between himself and Bradley. This confirmed something did happen between himself and Countess Luann and he is now a single man.

However, Joe Bradley did not seem fazed by this at all. He sent TJ a message on Instagram saying no one would care that he “broke the news.” Bradley added that TJ is just a friend on the show, a “supporting character” then put a rat emoji. This may have been his way of securing a spot as more of a stable cast member. Plus, his roommate, Gaston is dating Southern Charm star, Taylor Ann Green so there is room for a crossover.

Countess Lu Strikes Again

To be fair, no one should have believed Countess Luann’s story to begin with. In Season 5 of RHONY, the cast headed to St. Barths where she met Tomas aka the “pirate.” Though she told her co-stars and her longtime boyfriend that she saw some Italian friends at a bar, she really went home with the pirate. No one truly knows what transpired between the two but she has denied they ever hooked up. Fans and her castmates never believed the tale she told. This could be history repeating itself.

Are you shocked that Luann de Lesseps and Joe Bradley had a tryst or does it make perfect sense? Do you think it is great that TJ broke the news? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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