‘Love Is Blind’ Chelsea Blackwell Agreed To Therapy After Show

Chelsea Blackwell, Love Is Blind, Netflix, LIB

During this season of Love Is Blind, Chelsea Blackwell got a bad rap for being too needy. With the Netflix hit show, there is always someone who gets criticized for their actions and Chelsea was one target for Season 6. While Chelsea went on the show to find her love, her vulnerability left her hanging. But fans continually said that Chelsea needed to get therapy and she finally agreed.

Chelsea Blackwell Shows Her Insecurities

Undeniably, Chelsea Blackwell got a lot of backlash for the “constant need for validation” during Love Is Blind. Notably, the main point of contention was that people thought that Chelsea was insecure. Additionally, Chelsea is getting slammed for one specific comment. When Chelsea asks Jimmy if there is a celebrity he looks like, she also mentions there is someone people say she looks like. Then she says other people tell her she looks like Megan Fox.

Love Is Blind: Jimmy Presnell
Jimmy Presnell – Love Is Blind

However, after the two meet in person, Jimmy is quick to scoff at the false impression he believes she gave with that statement. While they were just having a fun conversation in the pods that got misconstrued it blew up. But a common theme from fans was that Chelsea came with baggage and needed to go through therapy before looking for a new man.

Love Is Blind, Season 6, Netflix
Love Is Blind, Season 6, Netflix

Fans Want To Know If She Is In Therapy

On February 25, a fan wrote to Chelsea Blackwell during a Q&A session. They directly ask, “After the Love Is Blind experience, have you sought out therapy?” Assuredly, Chelsea says, “Absolutely. The show was very accommodating on helping me not only find a therapist but cover[ing] the fees.”

Without a doubt, everyone has areas of insecurity, and a show like LIB’s design is to highlight them. When people are dating on camera and trying to find a person to spend the rest of their lives with, there is an expectation they will need to break down walls to be vulnerable. After agreeing to seek therapy, Chelsea says, “I’ve never seeked [sic] a therapist before but man oh man, I feel everyone could benefit from having [an] unbiased opinion.”

Chelsea Blackwell Didn’t Realize How Much She Needs Therapy

Admittedly, Chelsea Blackwell struggled to accept that she needed therapy. She says, “I never thought I ‘needed’ therapy but I had a ton of inner issues I needed to debunk and my life, my mindset, my heart has completely changed. I thought I loved myself before but I have never felt THIS kind of love.” But now she knows it has been a healthy step to trust someone to help her unwind some of her pent-up feelings.

Additionally, another fan asked her if Love Is Blind gave an “accurate” portrayal of her. While Chelsea can accept how the edits show her, she mentions many scenes aren’t in the show. Furthermore, she says Netflix “created [the] story line [sic] they saw fit. Was I emotional and insecure? Absolutely. But my feelings were valid.” All in all, she wishes more scenes were validating her stance, but chalks it up to: “But that’s showbiz baby.”

What do you think about Chelsea Blackwell’s approach to Love Is Blind? Do you think she is on the right path to seeking therapy? Did you think she was being too needy? Drop your comments below.

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