‘Love Is Blind’ Jimmy Sabotaging Engagement, Wants Another Woman?

Love Is Blind: Jimmy Presnell

Love Is Blind Season 6 just premiered a fresh season in Charlotte, North Carolina. Already, Jimmy Presnell is sabotaging his new romance with Chelsea Blackwell. Will Jimmy pining for another cast member ruin their engagement?

Love Is Blind Season 6 Is Back On Netflix

Another Love Is Blind season is already underway on Netflix. The first batch of episodes fittingly premiered on Valentine’s Day. Love may be in the air for these marriage hopefuls, but, there is also more than enough drama for viewers to get into.

As always, Nick and Vanessa Lachey return to host. This time, Season 6 takes place in Charlotte, North Carolina. Married at First Sight fans know that the Lifetime show also filmed in the same city years ago. Love Is Blind hopefuls are eager for a better success rate when it comes to finding their person, sight unseen.

Love Is Blind, Season 6, Netflix
Love Is Blind, Season 6, Netflix

Jimmy Presnell Chose Chelsea Blackwell On Netflix Show

One of the calling cards that makes Love Is Blind different from other dating shows is that participants talk to multiple matches in hopes of finding their person. This means that there are a lot of wires that get crossed. Sometimes, one person has to choose between two to three potential matches, leading to a lot of hurt feelings for the ones that don’t get chosen.

In Jimmy Presnell’s case, he was torn between Chelsea and Jessica Vestal. A big issue for Jimmy with Jessica is that she has a 10-year-old from a previous relationship. For Jimmy, even though he liked Jessica a lot, that’s also a lot for someone to take on.

Love Is Blind Season 6 spoilers say that Jimmy isn’t completely over things with Jessica, threatening to undermine his engagement to Chelsea.


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Love Is Blind: Jimmy Still Not Over Jessica Vestal?

Jessica Vestal tells Jimmy Presnell in the pods that he would regret not choosing her. He chooses Chelsea, but, he still tells Jessica that she is his “number one.” In another scene, we see Chelsea getting into a shouting match with Jimmy, with her saying about him and Jessica: “I know you fu**** her.”

A common Love Is Blind theme is people choosing their runner-up matches. This happens if and when things don’t work out with their top choice. It’s the name of the game, but no one likes knowing that they’ve been settled for. It hasn’t worked out so well for past cast members who have gone with their second option.

Love Is Blind: Jessica Vestal
Love Is Blind: Jessica Vestal/YouTube

Chelsea Blackwell is majorly insecure in Love Is Blind scenes, wondering if Jimmy would rather have chosen Jessica in the end. Despite choosing Chelsea, Jimmy is clearly not over Jessica, and that could spell disaster for the connection he is trying to build, especially if it’s true that Jimmy got between the sheets with Jessica.

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