‘Love Is Blind’ Chelsea And Trevor Now Engaged After Show?

Chelsea Love Is blind

In Love Is Blind Season 6, Chelsea makes a connection with both Jimmy and Trevor. Fans were shocked to see her choose Jimmy after she knew he had a connection with someone else as well. This was because Trevor was only into Chelsea and told her he loved her. However, fans think that the two could be engaged now that the show is over due to some major clues.

Love Is Blind

This season of Love Is Blind was drama-filled and shocking. Jimmy is rumored to have had another girlfriend outside of the pods. There was also a ton of love triangles. Brittany and Kenneth are no longer together and just disappeared from the shock, there has been a lot! However, fans were most shocked at the cliffhanger they were left with at the end of Episode 9. Laura found out that Jeramey was with Sarah Ann until five in the morning. Not only that but he lied about his location after Laura had already seen he was not where he said he was. Now, Jimmy is seen telling Jess that she is still his number one. Fans think Chelsea is now with Trevor.


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Are They Engaged?

The two have been giving major hints that they could be engaged. When viewers saw the last episode, the preview was Jimmy telling Jess she was still his number one. It then flips to Chelsea yelling at him.

“I know you f***ed her.”

While fans on TikTok think she just said yes to Jimmy because he asked first.

  • “just wanted to be married and Jimmy got to it first”.
  • “goes and meets Trevor and feels like she has every right to leave Jimmy”.

Trevor even posted a photo of them hugging on Instagram. Maybe Jimmy messed up his relationship with Chelsea and she took it into her own hands to go be with Trevor who showed her love from the beginning.


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While it is unknown if the two are engaged, it would not necessarily shock people. It seems as though Trevor could have been a better fit for Chelsea anyway. She loves mullets, he is adorable, and they had a great connection. Even after Jimmy called Chelsea clingy, they tried to work it out but viewers will just have to watch and see what happens. Do you think they are engaged? Who do you think is better for Chelsea? Sound off in the comments below.

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