Brock Davies Reveals What Religion He Grew Up In

Brock Davies And Scheana Shay

Brock Davies recently revealed what religion he grew up in and how it has affected him as an adult. He is married to Scheana Shay, and they share a daughter, Summer Moon. Fans have got to see the struggles within their marriage and the good times. Brock has become a fan favorite after being on the show for a while. Now viewers are interested in seeing what has affected him from his past.

Brock Davies And Scheana Shay Argue Over Summer Moon

Viewers have seen Brock and Scheana get into some arguments over the care of their daughter. Scheana struggles with OCD and it has gotten worse since giving birth. She has a hard time leaving her daughter with anyone that is not her mom. This has made it hard for Brock and Scheana to have any date nights or outings. They have to rely on whether her mom can watch their daughter or not as she is not always available. Scheana has been trying to get to a point where she can find a nanny she trusts. This has been a work in progress for the family.

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Brock Reveals What Religion He Grew Up In

Brock Davies recently revealed that he grew up in a Mormon church. So, during a Burlesque show, Brock told the dancer not to come near him. However, there was an explanation.

“I was raised in the Mormon church until I was 14. So there’s a small little Mormon boy in me that is very uncomfortable when there’s women dancing around me.”

Scheana also spoke out on the issue.

“Brock is like, ‘I don’t know where to look.’ He hates strip clubs because he doesn’t know where to look.”

This makes sense as to why Brock would be uncomfortable with things like that. He still holds onto things that he was taught growing up in the church. Brock does not still follow that religion, but some things do still affect him. 

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It seems that Brock was once a Mormon but no longer follows the religion. He grew up in that church and spent most of his younger years in it. This makes viewers understand why he feels the way he does when it comes to certain things in life. This may be another reason he wanted to move to the United States. Are you surprised Brock grew up in the Mormon church? Sound off in the comments below.

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