‘VPR’ Scheana Shay Seen Working At Chilis As A Server

Scheana Shay-Instagram

Scheana Shay from Vanderpump Rules was recently seen working a shift at Chili’s. Fans were shocked and are dying to know why she was serving at the restaurant. Scheana actually used to work at Chili’s before she became famous on the Bravo show. However, it seems she returned to her old roots. Keep reading to find out why she was serving at the restaurant.

Scheana Shay At Chili’s

Scheana Shay was spotted working a shift at Chili’s. However, this was only to promote her new drink with the franchise, the espresso martini. She and Katie Maloney were the ones who released the drink for the restaurant. Scheana was working the shift to promote the new drink and her brand deal. She was serving food, making drinks behind the bar, and taking photos with fans. This was not for any part of the show as it had finished filming, and no cameras were rolling. Scheana solely did this to promote her new favorite drink. However, when fans originally saw this, they thought it could be a new full-time job. Regardless, it is safe to say she is not working at Chili’s and if she went back to serving it would more than likely be at one of the Vanderpump restaurants.

Scheana Shay-Instagram
Scheana Shay-Instagram

Fans Thoughts

Fans went to Reddit to give their thoughts on seeing her work.

  • “Wait but didn’t she work for a chilis before she worked at sur? Pretty sure she mentioned it when explaining why she always yells CORNER!”
  • “Stop, Scheana was a Chilihead?! Me too!”
  • “Chili’s should have made a Scheana enchiladas meal instead of the cocktail”
  • “It’s a promotion, and I don’t mind this at all. I think it’s cute.”
  • “Me too. It’s nice to see her doing this . And I’m not particularly a she Shue fan right now. But her commercial with Katie is so cute and so is this 🩷”
  • “say what you want about scheana but she’s always hustled! and she looks cute doing it!”

It seems a lot of people are applauding her for always hustling.


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It seems Scheana was only promoting her new espresso martini with the franchise. However, she only worked a shift to try and promote the new drink. She was asked to take pictures several times and fans immediately recognized her. Scheana is not in any financial trouble where she would need to go back to being a waitress like some fans thought. Have you tried the new espresso martini? Are you going to? Sound off in the comments below.

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