‘LIB’ Mathew Duliba Says Netflix Smeared His Character With Edits

Mathew Duliba, Love Is Blind

While Love Is Blind participant, Mathew Duliba, had a different approach to finding his wife, he says fans didn’t see the whole story. During the hit show, Mathew says Netflix portrays him in a way that smears his character.

Mathew Duliba Was On A Mission To Find Love

In the latest season of Love Is Blind, fans meet a participant who did things a bit differently. When fans met Mathew Duliba he entered the pods with a strategy to find his wife. While it was more rigid than most, it helped him know where to start when speed-dating many strangers in the unusual “blind” environment. During the first round of dating, Mathew came prepared with a list of questions for each girl to choose from.

Mathew Duliba's profile on Love Is Blind - Instagram
Mathew Duliba’s profile on Love Is Blind – Instagram

However, Mathew Duliba’s methodic approach was delivered with a cold personality in his effort to weed out those he wouldn’t spend his time on. On one date in particular, with Sarah Ann, he was shown asking his question and then walking out while she was midanswer. He says that never happened. Undoubtedly, he came there to find his match and wasn’t wasting any energy on anyone who didn’t seem to be a viable option for him. However, this interaction gave viewers a negative opinion of Mathew from day one.

Mathew Duliba Is A No Nonsense Guy

While Mathew Duliba is seemingly a no-nonsense type of guy, the editing made it easy to construe him as a villain toying with multiple ladies’ hearts as the dating continued. Notably, he is a Senior Financial Analyst and spends a lot of his life on strategy and logic. But some of those strengths can backfire with the unpredictability of love. During the Love Is Blind dating, Mathew gets close to Amber and “AD.” Additionally, the editing cast a light on him playing both ladies by telling them the same thing in the pods thinking they wouldn’t know. But as Amber shares details in the ladies’ quarters, AD pieces some hurtful patterns together and confronts Mathew. Eventually, it leads to Amber and Mathew both leaving, affecting multiple people in the process.


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Mathew Duliba Accuses Netflix Of Smearing His Character

But Mathew Duliba makes a statement saying Netflix producers smeared his character in Love Is Blind with their edits. In an Instagram post, he speaks about the issue. Saying, “Key element of my story that was never disclosed is that I live an alcohol free lifestyle and did the experiment sober.” Additionally, says, “It was a key factor in why I had so much difficulty connecting with women in the beginning.” Then he states, “There was also many misrepresentations and falsehoods created in my opinion to smear my character. I look forward to telling my side of the story with the full truth at the appropriate time.”

  • One person points out, “We actually never saw his dates with Amber, don’t you find that odd???….. we have no actual idea what he said or how he said it or if it was actually brought up in the same way…. We don’t get to hear inflection, emphasis, context, and they were all dating multiple people on the show. It came across as sketch because of the way they edited for sure- but unless you’ve got some super secret access to the unaired footage- you don’t actually know that.”

He Shows A Hard Exterior

While Mathew Duliba was seemingly cold to many, he was hopeful to open up and find his person. Admittedly, Love Is Blind was far outside his comfort zone. Altogether, the show tries to get everyone out of their safety zones and break down walls. Seemingly, Mathew was attempting to do that. But he has many barriers up when it comes to trust. Especially in the process of making such a significant decision. Although he hesitates to get out of his shell, he seems to want acceptance by others. “Talking about love and stuff, sometimes I feel uncomfortable even saying that word. Maybe first interactions aren’t my strong suit, but you know, I would like to get better at it.” Unfortunately, this experiment has left him further vulnerable to public criticism. However, he plans to speak more about his story when the right time presents itself.

  • One fan says, “Am i the only one who really liked matthew in the show? not everyone has to be super social and loud to be a good person, the show editing made him look a certain way i feel like.”
  • Another replies about Mathew Duliba, “Are NOT. Honestly, I almost despised him within the first few minutes and then I softened up towards him. Matthew seems very misunderstood and Netflix took an opportunity to capitalize on that for the sake of views and controversy. It simply seems like he doesn’t reveal himself quickly or easily but there appears to be so much depth there.”


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What do you think about Mathew Duliba saying Love Is Blind smears his character? Did you think he came across as a villain? Do you believe there is more to his story that will shed light on the situation? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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