Rachel Recchia’s Naughty Friends With Benefits Arrangement

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Rachel Recchia recently embarked on an epic trip to multiple stops in Europe thanks to a naughty friends-with-benefits arrangement. Keep reading for all the juicy details.

What Does Rachel Recchia Think Of Joey Graziadei‘s Season So Far?

Is it a requirement for Bachelor Nation alums to watch future seasons? It seems like it! Rachel Recchia is the latest star from the franchise to weigh in on Season 28 of The Bachelor.

What does she think of Joey Graziadei and his women? That is what one fan asked during a recent Q&A on Rachel’s Instagram. “The women are deliveringgg and I’ve been thoroughly entertained,” she replied.

Rachel Recchia did admit she’s a few episodes behind. Her favorites so far? Maria Georgas and Lexi Young.

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Bachelorette Alum Reveals 2024 Career Goals

Before joining Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor, Rachel Recchia made a living as a flight instructor and commercial pilot. After her stint on Bachelor In Paradise, she hopes to put the focus back on her career.

Another fan asked the reality star about her future flying goals. “Going back to teaching!!!” Rachel enthusiastically replied. She confessed that it was “difficult” to get respect from her students and coworkers after appearing on the Bachelor Nation franchise shows.

Her goal this year is to find a flight school in the L.A. area where she can complete the requirements to fly with the airlines. Perhaps she can give former Bachelorette co-star Gabby Windey some lessons on proper behavior when on an airplane.

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Rachel Recchia’s Naughty Friends With Benefits Arrangement

Rachel Recchia recently jetted off to Europe for stops in France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. “We’ll always have Paris,” she captioned an Instagram post full of photos from her time in The City of Light.


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She told a curious follower that her next destination is Malaysia. How is she able to travel so much?

The former Bachelorette star told another curious fan of an interesting arrangement that affords her the luxury of unlimited travel. She shared that her best friend and fellow pilot felt bad when she was “crying on TV,” so he put her name on his flight benefits.

“A system I use and abuse and will definitely be kicked off soon,” she added. She included a text exchange of her bestie telling her to get off his benefits.

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What do you think of Rachel Recchia’s naughty arrangement? Do you think she could get her bestie in trouble by blasting it on social media? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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