Will Maria Georgas Be The Next ‘Bachelorette’?

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Maria Georgas quickly became a fan favorite on the show after she got accused of being a bully. After the drama broke out, Maria was tempted to leave when she was getting attacked by all the true mean girls on the show. However, she stayed for Joey Graziadei and their connection is undeniable. However, in the case the two do not work out, fans want Georgas to be the next Bachelorette.

Maria Georgas Finally Opens Up

Maria Georgas finally opened up to Joey Graziadei about something horrific that happened to her. When she was a year old, she was in a bad car wreck with her mom.

“[My mom] and I got into a really, really bad car accident when I was, like, one, a semi truck basically fell on top of my mom’s car. It was really bad. It’s crazy to even think about. My car seat was in, like, pieces. I was literally announced dead at the scene. It was in newspapers as a miracle at the time. It was a very scary situation.”

This allowed her to tell Joey how her mom was not involved in her life as much as she wanted to be.


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Fan Favorite Contestant

One of the favorite contestants is Maria Georgas. She is confident and brings life to the group. Maria has been painted as a bully by some of the other women, but fans do not see it that way. She has received the most following on social media since the airing of the season. Fans feel as though she is carrying the season by herself and makes the show not boring like it has been in previous seasons. For this reason, if Maria is not picked in the end, fans want her to be the next Bachelorette. This would give viewers a season full of Maria and she would not put up with anything. This would be one of the most entertaining seasons.


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While there are a few favorites of viewers, Maria is one of them. Some people want Daisy Kent to win and Maria Georgas to have a season of her own. However, fans will just have to wait and see who Joey chooses. While Maria has not had to easiest life, she makes the best out of it and lives her best life. She is gorgeous, confident, and outgoing. Do you want her to be the next Bachelorette? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. She is not the angel or fall gal as this article makes her out to be. She has nasty ways as do the other girls. she’s not innocent of her actions. I don’t care if she is the next Bachelorette or not. I am personally tired of the show.

  2. You said it so well and if she is chosen I will be taking a break from watching the show again. Maria knows what she’s doing to upset the ladies who are there for the right reasons!

    1. Cathy- I agree. I have been reading the season comments about Maria having so many fans. Like everything else on TV, you can’t believe everything you hear or read! That is BS. So all these fans did not see Maria interrupt other womens’ time with Joey- over and over? Her narcissistic nature was disgusting. I think she was out in the show to get the network high ratings. She caused trouble every show. She was jealous of a lot of the women and was mean. Plus, we did not see the bullying going on with Maria and another girl. People who say she was not a bully are insane!!

  3. Shes gross and only on the show to give her failed acting career back on camera. If she is on I wont be tuning in. Put some one real on. This show needs real people not people trying for their claim to fane and media influencers.

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