Gabby Windey Called Out For Rude, Diva Behavior On Plane

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Did Clayton Echard dodge a major bullet? His former contestant, Gabby Windey, is getting called out for her rude behavior on a plane. Keep reading for all the details on the awkward interaction.

Gabby Windey Displays Rude, Diva Behavior On Plane

Getting a good seat on an airplane is hit-or-miss these days. Some people pay extra for a specific seat, but others who travel together leave it up to chance, hoping to find a kind stranger willing to switch seats.

Bachelor alum Gabby Windey took to her Instagram to share some drama that happened on a recent flight she was on with her girlfriend Robby Hoffman.


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The two ended up in a row together, but a man sat in the seat between them. Gabby said she was “nice and sweet” when she asked him to switch seats with Robby so the couple could sit next to each other.

Rather than let it go as an unfortunate denial, Gabby and her girlfriend seemingly took revenge on the man. Gabby wrote that her girlfriend kept getting up to go to the bathroom to annoy the man. But their harassment didn’t end there.

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Bachelor Alum & Girlfriend Harass Seat Companion

Gabby also shared screenshots of the texts she was exchanging with Robby during the flight. The screenshots were originally posted on Robby Hoffman’s Instagram, but she tagged Gabby in them.

“This man will regret the day he was fckn born,” Robby wrote on one screenshot. The couple planned to “talk over him the entire time,” they wrote in texts.

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In addition to getting up to use the bathroom, Robby plotted to make separate trips to the overhead compartment to retrieve her charger and then her laptop.

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However, it wasn’t just the man between them that endured their wrath. Other texts revealed that they also asked the girl in front of them to switch. She also declined, which resulted in Robby aggressively grabbing the seat every time she stood up to go to the bathroom or retrieve items.

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Bachelor Nation Fans Call Her Out

Bachelor Nation fans took to Reddit to discuss Gabby’s behavior on the plane. She likely posted it on social media, thinking people would be on her side. However, she clearly miscalculated. Read some of the comments:

  • This is crappy as hell. If you want seats together, buy them. You’re not entitled to have others switch seats for your pleasure.
  • I’m sure she’s making assumptions he’s homophobic when there’s likely a valid reason he didn’t want to switch. So insufferable
  • Gabby has become a walking ick recently honestly.
  • It’s weird they thought this is funny enough to share with everyone. Like they’re being funny between themselves but to broadcast this convo is kind of a yikes
  • Ooooh, Gabby, nooo. Just sit it your assigned seat, honey. It’s not that hard, it’s not that hard
  • she is so gross. like grow the f up
  • If they wanted to sit together they should have paid for it.
  • So she things this makes her look good?

Gabby Windey posted a link to a TikTok video on her Instagram Story. However, the video is no longer available. Did she try to explain and get more backlash?

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Let us know if you saw the now-deleted TikTok. What do you think of her behavior on the plane? Sound off in the comments.

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