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Gabby Windey shocked The Bachelorette fans when she came out as a lesbian in August. At the time, she claimed that she met Robby Hoffman through a mutual friend at a bar but now people think her story is changing. Is it? Read on to find out what seems to be creating some confusion.

Gabby Windey Used The Raya App

When the news arrived that the former ABC star preferred not to date men, she talked about how she watched Perfect Match on Netflix. The story of a bi-sexual couple interested her because she always felt a “whisper” that she might be gay. So, she started exploring the world of gays by signing up on the Raya App. At one stage, she claimed that she felt a bit intimidated because it was all new to her.

Gabby Windey met some other gay people but felt that they seemed very suspicious of her. However, when she met Robby, they hit it off. Mind you, there were some hard questions about how she had been on The Bachelorette. Possibly, that made people skeptical and some fans felt the same same way when she said that she’d never date men again.

Gabby Windey Talks About Meeting Robby Again

Recently, the former Bachelor franchise star opened up again in an Amazon Live on TikTok. You can see the video further down in this article. Speaking about how she believes that Robby “is the one” for her, Bravo TV cited her as saying, “We met outside of a bar IRL it was like so kismet. We were literally just passing by each other and then the rest is history.”

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The meeting quite by chance between Gabby Windey and Robby Hoffman outside a bar didn’t quite fit with other articles. So, some people started to question which version was correct. That’s because in her new version, she used her hands to indicate a quick moment saying, “We were passing like this…” The similarities are there except that this time, she didn’t talk a bit about any mutual friend introducing them.

Two Different Versions?

Gabby Windey fans are not too sure that her story is correct during the AmazonLive. That’s because USA Today reported, “Earlier this year, Windey opened a profile on the dating app Raya and found that she “wasn’t really looking at the men.” Later, she ended up meeting Hoffman through a mutual friend while they were at the same bar and went on their first date the following week.” 

One of them commented, “I’m so confused about this…Two diff stories.” Meanwhile, another viewer accused her of telling “lies.”


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Actually, it is a slightly different version. Perhaps the friend saw them chatting after they bumped into each other and made the introduction. One other misunderstanding seems to be that some people think they met via Raya, the dating app. One of them wrote, “She said she met her on RAYA though? 🤔” However, she originally said that she met someone briefly from Raya, but it did not last.

What are your thoughts about the confusion on the former Bachelorette? Are the versions really so different on how she met Robby? Or, do you believe that she fell in love and it totally doesn’t matter where they met? Let us know in the comments below and come back here for all your Bachelor and Bachelorette news.

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