Jesse Palmer Gives Thoughts On Lexi Young Leaving The Show

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Jesse Palmer gave his thoughts on Lexi Young leaving the show before the rose ceremony. He also revealed his thoughts on Jess being sent home as well. Jesse became the host of The Bachelor after Chris Harrison resigned after a racial conflict. However, fans love Jesse as the host and think he keeps everything together well. This season he has answered a lot of the questions fans have.

Jesse Palmer And Canada

Jesse Palmer and his wife travel to Montreal frequently. This is where the sixth week of the show took place. Canada is also where Maria Georgas is from. The week started with a group date that left a lot of the women feeling uneasy. They did not like seeing Joey Graziadei forming connections with other women. However, after the group date, Jess went to talk to Joey. She told him how she saw a future between them, but Joey did not feel the same. Jesse gave his thoughts on that.

“I was a bit surprised because Joey is such a sweet guy, and he didn’t want to hurt Jess’s feelings. He could have waited until the rose ceremony to say goodbye, but he knew there wasn’t a future, so he took the action necessary to allow himself to focus on growing the other relationships.”


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He Gave His Thoughts On Lexi Leaving

Lexi Young left on her own. When Lexi asked Joey about his timeline with marriage and kids, Joey revealed that he wanted a long engagement and wanted to wait a few years after getting married to have kids. This did not sit well with Lexi, only because she has infertility issues and needs to jump on the child train pretty quickly. As a result, Lexi later went and talked to Joey and decided she needed to leave because it would be unfair to stay. Jesse was proud of them both for having a mature conversation.

“I commend both Lexi and Joey for being honest and up front with one another about their hopes and timelines for having children. Timing is so critical in relationships, and for different reasons. You could see how difficult that goodbye was for both of them, but you could also tell they have a tremendous amount of respect for one another, too.”


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While it shocked Jesse that Lexi decided to leave, it shocked viewers as well. However, it seemed like a mature conversation that did not end on bad terms. Joey was visibly upset about her leaving but understood her reasoning. You cannot force someone to be ready for something when they are not, and Lexi realized that. Next week, Joey will have to decide which four women he wants to take to the hometowns. Who do you think he will pick? Were you surprised to see Lexi leave on her own? Sound off in the comments below.

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