Nick Viall Thinks Daisy Kent Is The Obvious Choice

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Nick Viall recently revealed that he thinks Daisy Kent is the obvious choice for Joey Graziadei on The Bachelor. However, he thinks production could step in and make him choose someone else so that she can be The Bachelorette. He spoke about it on his podcast and fans agree that Daisy is the one for Joey.

Daisy Kent And Her Story

Daisy Kent has had a lot of health problems in the past, but she has moved past them and created a great life for herself. When she was younger, she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. This led to her losing her hearing. She went to Germany for over a month to get treatment. During the treatment, they had to raise her body temperature to 107 degrees. They also had to take out her plasma, clean it, and put it back into her body. After she got back her hearing got worse, and she ultimately had to decide if she was going to get a cochlear implant or not. This was a hard decision for her to make, but she ended up having the surgery and got implanted. She revealed this is one of the best decisions she has ever made.


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Nick Viall Opens Up About Daisy Kent

Nick Viall gave his opinion on who his favorite is, Daisy Kent. While Nick thinks Daisy is the obvious choice for Joey, he has some speculations about if they will actually end up together.

“I think she is Bachelorette gold. If Daisy’s Joey’s favorite, I could see the producers trying to sabotage that relationship.”

However, he went on to say how she is the obvious choice.

“She’s just such an obvious choice, I mean like I don’t think we’ve had such an obvious lead choice from any respective season in the past several seasons as obvious as Daisy. Daisy is so obvious of a choice that usually it’s just too early to tell.”

Nick is certain that if Joey is undecided at all that producers will step in and make him choose someone else so that Daisy can have a season to herself.


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Viewers agree with Nick Viall’s opinion in the sense that Daisy Kent is the one for Joey Graziadei. However, if production steps in like he thinks they could, that could change the entire outcome of the season. Although fans have made it obvious they want Maria Georgas to be the next Bachelorette, maybe they will stick with that. What do you think about Nick’s opinion? Do you think he is right? Sound off in the comments below.

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