‘RHOBH’ Mauricio Umansky Doesn’t Have Time To Fight With Wife

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RHOBH househusband, Mauricio Umansky shares that he does not have time to fight with his now estranged wife, Kyle Richards. Their marital problems have been central to the new season. Now, he is opening up to co-star, PK Kemsley about the struggles he has been dealing with. Read on for more details.

RHOBH Mauricio Umansky Doesn’t Have Time To Fight With Wife

Mauricio Umansky and Kyle Richards initially denied their split but knew it was going to play out in Season 13 of RHOBH. Apparently, pick-up scenes were filmed so that they could get cast reactions to the marriage crumbling. Kyle was allegedly seeing Morgan Wade, who’s a country singer while rumors of infidelity have floated around Mauricio for years. Since the new season began, the couple has been constantly bickering. They even fought at their daughter, Portia’s fifteenth birthday. Even the cast and Mauricio’s parents have noticed something is not right.

Kyle Richards-YouTube
Kyle Richards-YouTube

Mauricio has tried to stop Kyle when she is relentless but she seems to like the fight. Now, in a clip from the upcoming RHOBH, airing Wednesday, November 15th, Mauricio speaks his truth. The wives are away in Las Vegas for Crystal Kung Minkoff’s 40th. It has already been a rocky trip but, at home, Mauricio and PK Kemsley have gone out. PK and his wife, Dorit Kemsley are also struggling in their marriage with separation rumors coming out on the day of the season premiere. Dorit is on the phone with PK and he shares that he saw Mauricio as it had been a while since the latter had been traveling.

He also filled Dorit in on what Mauricio Umansky had told him which was that he and Kyle had been having a “tough-ish year.” PK could relate and then they flash to the dinner. That is when PK looks at Mauricio and notes that Umanksy is the type who does not want to fight. Mauricio goes on to say that he has no time to fight and no interest in fighting. More so, he believes his wife is always right which PK disagrees with.

Two Marriages In Shambles

Both PK and Dorit are struggling with their marriage as she feels he is not there enough when she needs him. Her PTSD from the robberies has taken a toll on her mentally but he does not seem to understand this. Then, Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky just cannot seem to get it together. He got mad when he realized how many tattoos she had and she was offended he never noticed. There’s a lot to unpack and it will just continue throughout the season.

Do you think either couple has a chance or are they both officially done? Let us know and watch RHOBH Wednesdays on Bravo.

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