‘LPBW’: Did Tori Roloff Get With Zach For Money Or Love?

Tori Roloff with Zach and Kids YouTube, TLC

Re-watching old episodes of TLC’s Little People, Big World (LPBW), fans are asking some pretty intense questions about Tori Roloff. Namely, fans are wondering if she got with Matt Roloff’s son Zach for genuine reasons.

Did she get with him because she loved him? Or, did she see dollar signs when she looked at him? Is it possible Tori Roloff learned to love Zach because she saw a pot of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow?

Taking another look at the beginning of their relationship in LPBWsome fans admit they are having second thoughts about how genuine Tori Roloff’s feelings were. What has fans thinking this way? Keep reading for the details.

Tori Roloff - YouTube/TLC
Tori Roloff – YouTube/TLC

Did Tori Roloff Get With Zach For Money Or Love?

It is no secret that Little People, Big World fans love Tori and Zach Roloff’s children. Many admit their adorable children are the only reason the TLC series is still watchable. This love, however, does not seem to extend to Tori.

A few seasons ago, when Zach and Tori were on good terms with Matt, Tori Roloff stated she was willing to help around Roloff Farms. She, however, was NOT willing to do dirty jobs. Fans ripped Tori for the statement as they felt like it was exuding serious diva energy. Many fans also agreed it just proved Tori allowed her husband to do all the hard and messy work.

Zach Roloff - YouTube/TLC
Zach Roloff [Source: YouTube, TLC]

Fans Discuss Whether Her Love Was Real

In a new thread on Redditone Little People, Big World fan shares that they are rewatching episodes of the TLC series. Then, they proceeded to ask if anyone else thought Tori’s love for Zach didn’t feel real in the beginning.

Here’s what some fans had to say in response to the question:

  • “I do think, as an immature kid, she was drawn to the family and Zach because of their seemingly wealthy lifestyle and the TV show fame. But, I do think she married Zach out of live for him and certainly has made the most ( financially) from their time in the show.”
  • “I think she said to herself, he’s somewhat wealthy, he probably won’t cheat, he’s somewhat famous, he’s religious. I can make him think he’s in charge while I control the bank account. I think I can do this. That’s how loyal she is. She convinced herself she could do it.”
  • “What girl could possibly resist that replica Civil War hat and Adidas Sambas? She basically hit the boyfriend lottery.”

Some Fans Defended Tori Roloff

Now, there were some fans who rushed to defend Tori in the thread. They disagreed with the comments above and argued the love certainly looked real. One individual admitted they met Zach and Tori in public. And, they thought they were a sweet and loving-looking couple.

Tori Roloff with Zach and their children YouTube TLC
Tori Roloff with Zach and their children [Source: YouTube, TLC]
Other fans point out that Tori certainly doesn’t give off the same gold-digger energy as Jeremy’s wife Audrey.

The real question is: Do you think Tori Roloff really loved Zach in the beginning? Or, was she drawn to the idea of fame and money? Chime in with your thoughts below. And, keep coming back for more updates on your favorite TLC families.

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