‘LPBW’ Tori Roloff New Video Sparks Concern For Jackson

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Little People Big World‘s Tori Roloff is the center of some controversy involving her children’s health. She and her husband Zach Roloff have three children together: Jackson, 6, Lilah, soon to be 4 on November 19, and Josiah, 1. All three children inherited achondroplasia from their dad, making them “little people”, as well. Due to a new video posted to Tori’s Instagram, fans are worried that intervention may be necessary, for one child especially.

Prior Health Concerns

Tori and Zach have been open and transparent about the difficulties of both Zach and the children. Their health concerns are a result of the type of dwarfism they have known as achondroplasia. According to the Cleveland Clinic, achondroplasia is a “genetic bone disorder that results in dwarfism due to a genetic mutation in the arms and legs.” All three of their children, along with Zach, and Zach’s parents, Matt and Amy, have this type of dwarfism.

Tori shared back in November 2021 that their oldest son, Jackson, had undergone surgery on his legs. This surgery is one that Zach also had done in the past. Zach informed a fan that the screws placed in Jackson’s legs would “help straighten the leg as he grows.” However, fans are worried that the surgery was unsuccessful.

Jackson Roloff in hospital bed following leg surgery in November 2021.
Jackson Roloff in a hospital bed following leg surgery in November 2021.

Controversial Video

In an effort to join in the fun of an online trend, Tori shares a video of her and their three children dancing. Watching the reel, Roloff can be seen standing in the middle of her children doing a reserved dance with the lights on. Repeatedly, the lights turn off and on allowing one of them to do a wild and crazy solo dance with a “strobing” flashlight. The caption read, “Had to jump on this trend. the kids knocked it out of the park.”

Many fans found the clip to be fun, entertaining, and adorable. The majority called out Lilah’s spunky moves claiming that she stole the show. However, there were a large number of fans who also voiced concern for all of the children’s noticeably bowed legs, Jackson in particular.

Tori Roloff with children Jackson, 6, Lilah, almost 4, and Josiah 1 standing in their living room.
Tori Roloff and children Jackson, 6, Lilah, almost 4, and Josiah, 1

“Your little boy has feet turned in. Is he ok?” one commenter asked. Another questioned, “When is he getting surgery to fix his bow legs. They are even worse than before his last surgery.” A few other fans commented that they felt sorry for the kids, assuming that they were in pain due to the severity of the bowing in their legs.


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Concern for Jackson Roloff

Unfortunately, the Roloffs are no strangers to this type of questioning. On Jackson’s adorable first day of kindergarten picture, there were many similar comments made.

“Why are his legs still crooked? Yet he had surgery on.”

“pls get him surgery”

“Oh this poor boy… My heart aches for him knowing the series of painful surgeries he will have to endure.”

Jackson Roloff's first day of Kindergarten
Jackson Roloff’s first day of Kindergarten, August 2022

Tori continues to reassure her followers that none of the children, including Jackson, are not in any pain. She also states that should any issues arise, they will, of course, immediately seek medical attention.

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