Tori Roloff Of ‘LPBW’ Reveals Crazy Allergy In New Video

Tori Roloff

Tori Roloff, mom of 3 and former Little People, Big World star, opens up to her Instagram followers about a potential rare allergy that she has, that could have possibly contributed to a painful stye she is currently sporting.

Tori’s Crazy Allergy

In her rather transparent Instagram story, Tori gets up close and personal as she shares that she has been using mascara lately instead of doing extensions because she has “been being lazy.” Unfortunately, that time and money-saving choice has had some rather uncomfortable consequences.

Tori Roloff pointing to stye on her lower eyelid, that may have resulted from her possible mascara allergy.
Tori Roloff shows off her painful stye caused by her surprising allergy.

“I get these styes literally almost every time I use mascara,” she says. She explains that this is the reason why she started doing lash extensions in the first place.

According to Healthline, a mascara allergy can present with symptoms affecting the eyelid, lash line, and potentially even the eye. Symptoms can include, but are not limited to: rash on the eyelid, itching and burning, eyelid swelling, and red, watering eyes. This type of reaction is caused by using a new brand of mascara or one that has been used several times.

Roloff continues on saying that although she does not apply any amount of mascara to her lower lashes. Crazily enough, this is still the most common area where the styles appear. She is asking in desperation if any of her followers have dealt with anything similar. She says she is thoroughly convinced that she has an allergy to mascara. This is due to the recurrence of these styles when using this beauty product.

Roloff Family Halloween

Zach, Tori, Jackson, Lilah and Josiah Roloff pose for family picture while out trick-or-treating.
Zach, Tori, Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah Roloff pose for family pictures while out trick-or-treating.

Zach and Tori (33 and 31), along with their three children, shared some adorable pictures of their family time spent trick-or-treating with friends on Halloween night. Jackson (6) dressed as Captain America, Lilah (4 later this month) was a darling princess, and Josiah (1) was the cutest little chicken for the 2nd year running.

Amy Roloff, dressed as Minnie Mouse, poses with grandkids on Halloween night.
Amy Roloff, dressed as Minnie Mouse, poses with grandkids on Halloween night.

In Instagram stories, Tori also shared priceless footage of Lilah running from house to house giggling. Not far behind her is baby brother Josiah waddling along. The matriarch of the Roloff family, Amy, took a photo with the sweet trio of grandbabies while dressed as none other than Minnie Mouse.

Will Zach and Tori Roloff be on the next season of LPBW?

While it is yet to have been officially confirmed by Zach, Tori, or TLC, there have been hints dropped that they have been a part of filming to some degree. Zach’s father, Matt, spilled that Zach’s brain surgery and recovery will be shown this season.

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