‘LPBW’ Fans Turn On Tori Roloff Over Her Latest Demand

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Tori Roloff, yet again, has followers up in arms. The Little People Big World star took to Instagram stories to rant about a holiday tradition that she wants to change. Fans were in disbelief at how insensitive she was when voicing her wishes.

Recent Criticism

Roloff has been receiving a lot of criticism lately, due to what many have perceived as a lack of initiative in addressing developmental concerns. In the now-viral video that she shared to her Instagram earlier this week, several followers took note of the severe bowing of son, Jackson’s legs. Jackson, 6, along with siblings Lilah, almost 4, and Josiah,1, all inherited the same form of dwarfism that their father, Zach Roloff, has.

In 2021, Jackson had surgery on his legs to help straighten them as he grows. Due to the severity of his leg bowing, many followers have questioned why he isn’t having another surgery. A few commented that his legs seemed to be worse than pre-surgery, while numerous others noted that the children “must be in pain”.


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Tori the New Karen?

Now, fans are upset about her lack of empathy for others. While driving in her car with her daughter Lilah, Tori begins a tangent on how much one unofficial holiday has changed over the years. Roloff is demanding that we “bring back actual Black Friday”. She goes on to complain about how stores now offer many sales leading up to Black Friday. Apparently, she also takes issue with “Cyber Monday” lasting longer than one day.

“She’s really becoming a Karen isn’t she?” one commenter on this Reddit thread quipped. Another reader sarcastically stated, “I totally agree. I demand more bloodshed at Walmart over a $299 Vizio tv.” There were very few that shared Tori’s opinion on the matter. Empathetically, some recognized that “she’s seeing things through a filter of someone who’s never experienced it before.”

Pot Meet Kettle

The bulk of those upset by her statements are retail workers and their friends and family. They shared stories of parents having to go to bed early on Thanksgiving night so that they could be well-rested for their 12 a.m. start of shift on Black Friday. There was a good bit of disgust shared in the “show of greed and capitalism”. The majority of them agreed that they would much rather prefer workers have time off with their families.

Still, others were shocked by Tori’s hypocrisy towards companies that offer sales before Black Friday. “She complained about everyone having sales and shopping before Black Friday and then followed it up with a link to a sale so she could get a commission.”

Tori Roloff Instagram story
Tori Roloff rants to followers about how she wants companies to “bring back actual Black Friday”.

How do you feel about Black Friday? Do you wish that it was just one day long starting at 4 a.m. like Tori does? Or do you like the sales the way they are now?


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