‘Golden Bachelor’: Kathy Swarts Opens Up About Husband’s Tragic Death

Kathy Swarts/Credit: ABC YouTube

Golden Bachelor contestant Kathy Swarts opens up about her husband’s tragic death and what the future holds for her. Keep reading for all the details.

Her Golden Bachelor Girl Gang

Kathy Swarts may have filled the villain role on the first-ever season of The Golden Bachelor, but she still made friends among the cast.

During a game of ’20 questions’ with bachelornation.com, Swarts revealed that she’s still close with April Kirkwood, Susan Noles, and Nancy Hulkower. Those were the three names she gave when asked which Bachelor Nation alums she’d hang out with for the rest of her life.

Swarts also joked that someday she might be “living with the ASKN crew (April, Susan, Kathy, Nancy.)”

However, one person is unlikely to be in the Golden Bachelor girl gang: Theresa Nist.

Theresa NIst and Kathy Swarts/Credit: ABC YouTube
Theresa NIst and Kathy Swarts/Credit: ABC YouTube

Kathy Swarts telling Nist to “zip her lip” about her connection to Gerry Turner ultimately led to Swarts getting sent home.

Reality Show Packing List

Another question the retired educational consultant answered was about her must-have packing list for future Golden Bachelor contestants. “Your fashion-forward clothes, great shoes, lots of smiles, and great lip gloss,” she said.

As for what advice she gives future contestants, Swarts advised, “Be yourself, have fun and know that it’s an adventure that most people will never have and remember: We all deserve a second chance at love!”

Kathy Swarts Opens Up About Husband’s Tragic Death

Like Gerry Turner, Kathy Swarts had a spouse unexpectedly pass away. She was married to Daryl Swarts for 43 years until his death in 2019

However, Turner’s wife died from an illness. Kathy Swarts’s husband committed suicide, and now she advocates for better mental health.

“Suicide is a topic that has been taboo for far too long. It’s time that we all get comfortable discussing mental health issues if we want people to lead emotionally healthier lives and reach out for help when needed.” – Kathy Swarts, Golden Bachelor.

Where The Golden Bachelor Alum Sees Herself In Five Years

Despite her elimination from The Golden Bachelor, Kathy Swarts still believes in love. If she’s not living with her girl gang in five years, she expects she’ll have found her second chance at love.

“I see myself really enjoying this last chapter of life because I will have found the man and he will have found me,” she said of where she sees herself in the future.

Did you learn anything new about Kathy Swarts? Should she be the first Golden Bachelorette? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Don’t miss the last few episodes of The Golden Bachelor. It airs on Thursdays at 8 PM Eastern on ABC and streams on Hulu the next day.

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