Gerry Turner Dives Into ‘Uncharted Waters’ During ‘Golden Bachelor’ Hometown Dates

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Gerry Turner dives into ‘uncharted waters’ during The Golden Bachelor hometown dates. Keep reading to find out what he means by that.

Who Are Gerry Turner’s Final Three?

When The Golden Bachelor premiered in late September, there were 22 women hoping to find love again with Gerry Turner. Many of the women were widows, and some divorced, but all were between the ages of 60 and 75.

Turner, a 72-year-old retiree from Indiana, unexpectedly lost his wife of 43 years in 2017. In a sneak peek clip provided to Us Weekly, Gerry Turner confesses to the cameras, “I only want to say ‘I love you’ to one more person in my lifetime.”

Gerry Turner/Credit: ABC YouTube
Gerry Turner/Credit: ABC YouTube

Each of the final three women has admitted strong feelings for Turner, and he has a big decision to make in the upcoming Hometown Dates episode when he has to send one home.

Who are his final three?

Theresa Nist, 70, is a New Jersey native. She was married to William Nist for 42 years before he died in 2014. The couple had two children together, and Theresa Nist is now ‘Nana’ to six grandchildren.

Leslie Fhima is a 64-year-old personal trainer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She intrigued fans during the Golden Bachelor premiere by revealing that she once dated legendary musician Prince.

The twice-divorced Fhima has three adult children and three grandchildren.

Faith Martin, 61, earned Gerry Turner’s First Impression Rose on Night 1 after zooming in on a motorcycle and later serenading him with her guitar. Martin got divorced in 2005, and then her ex-husband tragically died in 2021.

The radio host has two adult sons and five grandchildren.

Credit: ABC YouTube
Credit: ABC YouTube

Gerry Turner Dives Into ‘Uncharted Waters’ During Hometown Dates

The grandchildren of Gerry Turner’s final three women are featured in the preview of the episode airing Nov. 2. One of the younger kids asked Turner if he plans to marry their grandmother.

The exclusive preview provided to Us Weekly dives deeper into Gerry Turner’s emotional state of mind heading into hometowns. The outlet reports that the Golden Bachelor is still unsure of his feelings for the three women. “It’s been so long since I first felt those feelings with my wife, so I’m in uncharted waters here.”

However, at the rose ceremony after hometown dates, someone is going home. Who do you think will be Gerry Turner’s final two?

Golden Bachelor Finale Date

The Golden Bachelor finale is less than a month away. Since it’s a new spinoff, fans weren’t sure if there would be a Women Tell All special.

But ABC just dropped the schedule for the remaining episodes of the first season of The Golden Bachelor.

This week is the Hometown Dates. Next week, the Women Tell All about their time on the show.

On Nov. 16, Gerry Turner will get time alone with each of the women in the Fantasy Suites episode. Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the Golden Bachelor won’t air on Nov. 23.

Instead, fans will get a two-hour season finale on Thursday, November 30.

Who is your pick for Gerry Turner? Let us know in the comments below.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8 PM Eastern on ABC and streams on Hulu the next day.

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