‘Golden Bachelor’ Releases Official Final Schedule

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As it turns out there have been a lot of misleading reports indicating the final schedule for The Golden Bachelor. Originally, multiple outlets were reporting that the big finale for Gerry Turner would be November 16. Now, ABC has finally released the schedule and it is not what fans were expecting. Keep reading to find out more about when to see the final month of The Golden Bachelor. 

ABC releases official schedule for The Golden Bachelor

ABC went to the official Golden Bachelor Instagram page to share the remaining schedule for the season. According to the new post, Gerry Turner will still have hometown dates on Thursday, November 2. The following episode will air on November 9. However, this episode will not be fantasy suite dates. It will be The Women Tell All special.

Following the Women Tell All, Gerry Turner will be going on fantasy suite dates. The actual format has not been disclosed just yet. However, it seems since the format has changed for hometowns that fantasy suites could possibly only involve his final two women. Those two women will most likely also be meeting Gerry’s family. His family consists of his two daughters and two sons-in-law plus two granddaughters.

'Golden Bachelor' Gerry Turner/Credit: ABC YouTube
‘Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner/Credit: ABC YouTube

After the fantasy suite episode airs on November 16, the show will take a one-week hiatus so everyone can relax and enjoy Thanksgiving. It has not been disclosed if Bachelor in Paradise will also take a break from airing on Thanksgiving.

Finally, fans will get to see whom Gerry Turner will give his final rose to on Thursday, November 30. According to ABC, the season finale will be two hours instead of the normal one. It’s unclear if this will include an After the Final Rose as the traditional Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons do.


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He’s down to three remaining women

Last Thursday fans saw The Golden Bachelor send three ladies home. Susan Noles, Ellen Goltzer, and Sandra Mason were all sent home disappointed. This leaves Faith Martin, Theresa Nist and Leslie Fhima as his final three women.

This week he will head to each of their respective states to meet their families and see if they all get along.

He will have a tough decision to make as he goes from three to two women.

Who do you think the final two will be? Will Gerry Turner find what he’s looking for?

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