Ellen Goltzer Left ‘Golden Bachelor,’ How Would Roberta Feel

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Fans fell in love with Ellen Goltzer during her time on The Golden Bachelor. It was her best friend Roberta Zaktzer who encouraged her to apply to be on the show. They had both been Bachelor Nation fans for a long time. What better opportunity for Ellen to try and find love than applying to be on the show with Gerry Turner? Sadly, Roberta passed away before the show aired on television. Now that Ellen has been sent home, she is sharing how Roberta would have felt about her Golden Bachelor journey. Keep reading to find out more.

Ellen Goltzer shares how Roberta would feel about her Golden Bachelor experience

Entertainment Tonight shared what Ellen Goltzer had to say about how her late best friend Roberta would feel about her Golden Bachelor journey.

Ellen is positive that Roberta would be proud of her. She said, “She would be so proud of her convincing ability because she’s so happy right now and proud of me. I think she is, because she knows that I don’t let loose a lot with my emotions and that I really maybe needed to find love again and whatever it was. We know each other so well that she knows me better than I know myself, so it was very good advice.”

She went on to say that Roberta taught her to never jump ahead in the day and enjoy it. She is living life and loving every minute of it. Ellen said she can’t predict what is going to happen so she’s just going to deal with it when it happens. She loves life and is open to opportunities that may come her way.

Ellen and Roberta via Insta

Her thoughts on Gerry sending her home

Ellen Goltzer shared her thoughts about Gerry Turner sending her home just before hometown dates. She admits she was hurt, confused and maybe a little angry.

She didn’t want to have a long conversation with The Golden Bachelor after she didn’t hear her name at the rose ceremony. Ellen said she didn’t need an explanation. Not getting a rose was her answer and for whatever reason he had stronger connections with others.

She doesn’t regret making that decision to just quickly leave. Ellen said, “I wanna be loved as much as someone loves me, and I want it to be reversed 50… If it’s not that way I really don’t want someone like that anyway, so that helped me through it.”

Fans are already hoping Ellen is crowned the first-ever Golden Bachelorette. 

What did you think when Gerry sent her home? Stay tuned for more updates.

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