Victoria Fuller Opens Up About Her Relationship with Greg Grippo

Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo/Credit; ABC YouTube

Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo’s relationship is one Bachelor Nation fans didn’t get to see unfold on television. Instead, it played out on social media with hints and innuendo. After weeks of rumors, the couple finally confirmed they were together in late 2022. Now Fuller is ready to share more by answering burning questions from fans about her relationship with Grippo. Keep reading for all the details.

Victoria Fuller & Greg Grippo Deny Cheating Allegations

How and when Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo’s romance started is very murky. Fuller and Grippo said nothing happened between them until they were both single.

According to Fuller’s former fiance, Johnny DePhillipo, there was cheating involved. DePhillipo claims that Victoria Fuller told him that she and Greg Grippo had a “thing” before she left to film Season 8 of Bachelor In Paradise (via Us Weekly.)

Fuller left the beach engaged to DePhillipo, but they broke up after filming. Exactly when they broke up is something they don’t agree on, with Fuller claiming it was three weeks later and DePhillipo claiming two months later.

Furthermore, Johnny DePhillipo believes things changed between him and Fuller after she attended a birthday party for Natalie Joy, Nick Viall’s then-girlfriend and now-fiance.

However, when Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo appeared on the Viall Files podcast, they denied anything significant happening at the party.

In Oct. 2022, blogger Reality Steve shared photos of Fuller and Grippo vacationing together in Rome, which only fueled the dating rumors.

A month later, the romance was confirmed by Nick Viall after he posted a photo of Fuller and Grippo kissing.

The two have been together ever since, despite recent speculation that they broke up.

Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo/Credit: Victoria Fuller Instagram
Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo/Credit: Victoria Fuller Instagram

BIP Alum Shares Advice for the Single Ladies

Victoria Fuller took to her Instagram Story to take questions from fans, and no topic was off limits. One follower asked the Bachelor Nation alum for advice “for a girl in her season of singleness.”

Although she’s not currently single, Fuller had advice to share. “Enjoy these moments with your girlfriends!!!” she wrote in response.

Fuller encouraged the fan to “Be single, have fun, learn [about] yourself and embrace it.” “You have your whole life to be married and have kids (if that’s what you want,)” the Bachelor Nation alum added.

Credit: Victoria Fuller Instagram
Credit: Victoria Fuller Instagram

Victoria Fuller Opens Up About Relationship With Greg Grippo

The Bachelor Nation fans who follow Victoria Fuller on Instagram had several questions about her romance with Greg Grippo.

While Grippo and Fuller only show the happy side of their relationship on social media, a follower asked what they fight about. The former Bachelor contestant appreciated the tough question, “I actually love this question [because] I’m not going to lie and say we never fight,” she wrote.

She candidly shared that most of their fights “stem from communication” problems. In Fuller’s opinion, arguing is a normal part of relationships, and it’s “how you handle it that makes all the difference.”

Victoria Fuller also revealed that they are in therapy, individually and together. She said that therapy helps them resolve their issues.

Despite admitting they fight, she called Greg Grippo her “best friend in the whole world,” adding that “healthy conflict with him feels like progression.”

So, just how far are they progressing? That’s what one fan wanted to know, asking if Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller are on the same page regarding marriage and kids.

It sounds like Bachelor Nation shouldn’t expect a wedding invite or a baby announcement any time soon. “We really are just enjoying each other right now!” she wrote in response to the question.

“So all of the rest will come when it’s the right time, no rush,” Fuller added.

Credit: Victoria Fuller Instagram
Credit: Victoria Fuller Instagram

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