Victoria Fuller Turns 30 Then Has Several Melts Downs

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Bachelor Nation fans know Victoria Fuller quite well and she’s sometimes given to having meltdowns. Recently, she admitted she did that recently. There was a time when she faced criticism for tears and drama when she appeared on Peter Weber’s Bachelor Season. But since then, she seemed to be more poised.

Bachelor Nation Star Victoria Fuller Gets A Sense of Humor

After the end of the show with Peter Weber, his rejected contestant briefly hooked up with Chris Soules. Plus, in Season 8 of BIP,  she fell in love with Johnny DePhillipo and they became engaged. However, that was short-lived and she hooked up with Greg Grippo. If you don’t know, Greg looked for love with Katie Thurston in The Bachelorette. Will it last this time? According to Bachelor Nation’s Nick Viall, the couple will probably end up getting hitched in a hurry.

Victoria Fuller seems happy these days, and she’s learning to take life less seriously with prankster Greg Grippo. Nowadays, she seems less likely to get tearful as she did with Pilot Pete and her former flame, Chase Rice. Perhaps the continual joking around with Greg got her a new-found sense of humor and added positivity to her outlook. Despite recently admitting to melting down, she got over it quickly.

Victoria Fuller Reveals That She Had Meltdowns

Perhaps the biggest waste of energy in the universe is railing against things that cannot be changed. One of those things is the passing of time. So, when she had a meltdown, the Bachelor Nation star explained that it came on her birthday. On Instagram, she shared some nice photos of herself with Greg, with her dog, and with her favorite horse. Then, in her caption, she said, “I turned 30 this week & had a couple of meltdowns.”

Bachelor Nation Victoria Fuller Admits Meltdowns, Why - Instagram
Bachelor Nation – Victoria Fuller had meltdowns on her birthday – Instagram

Victoria Fuller asked herself “why” she had the “meltdowns.” Her little story continued when she added, “I truly am so grateful for everyone and everything I have in my life.” Truthfully, she also noted, “… life happens so fast that sometimes we don’t stop to see all that we have accomplished or how far we have come, here’s a reminder to do so .” Next, she thanked Greg Grippo for “making this the best year yet.”

New Positive Outlook

Victoria Fuller seems determined to be more positive about life. She said to Bachelor Nation fans, “Ty you guys for taking this journey with me. I can’t wait to see what this next era holds !!!” Finally, she used the hashtag, “#thirtyflirtyandthriving.”

What are your thoughts about Greg Grippo’s girlfriend, Victoria Fuller admitting to meltdowns because she turned 30 years old? Do you like the way she turned that around by looking for the positives? Shout out in the comments below and come back here for more Bachelor Nation news.

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