Victoria Fuller Addresses Chase Rice, Merissa Pence Drama On Peter Weber’s Season Of ‘The Bachelor’

Peter Weber and Victoria Fuller via Instagram

Victoria Fuller is a very private person. She has declined multiple interviews and is very picky about which ones she chooses to do. Much to Bachelor Nation’s delight, Victoria agreed to be on Nick Viall’s podcast. While on The Viall Files, Victoria spilled the tea on some drama that occurred during Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. 

Victoria dished on Chase Rice

When Victoria was on a one-on-one date with Peter Weber for hometowns, she had a huge surprise. Peter took her to a Chase Rice concert. The weird part about this would be that Victoria had a history with Chase. Nobody knew too much about all of this, but it caused tons of drama and speculation.

Today, on Nick’s podcast, Victoria said Chase knew she was going on the show. In fact, she admitted they were texting one another the day before she left. And, the show got word that Victoria had dated him some and worked their magic to get him to perform on Peter’s season. In fact, she said Chase had to cancel a tour date to be able to perform on The Bachelor. 

She didn’t want to dive too much into the details, but she was definitely shocked to see him there. And, it was awkward. She said she had to make a split second decision whether to leave or just go on with the date and discuss it with Peter later. And now get ready because the plot thickens even more.

Merissa Pence appeared on the date where Chase Rice performed

Enter more drama and unknown information for fans. Victoria shared that Peter Weber’s “ex” Merissa Pence was the one who found out about her dating Chase Rice and tipped off Bachelor producers. Wow! So, producers obviously jumped on this chance to make things more dramatic and awkward.

And, Victoria also revealed that while the show indicated Merissa was Peter’s ex girlfriend, he actually only went on two dates with her. So, does that really count as a reliable source? Victoria says no. And, she said this is why Peter was also so confused by the marriage wrecking accusations Merissa made about Victoria.

She admits hometown was a “sh*tshow.” However, she also said the show made her edit look like she is always mad and starts fights about everything. Victoria said she and Peter had a very calm conversation about it all before the bad parts occurred.

So, according to Victoria, Merissa’s appearance was all about creating drama. It was also about her obvious dislike for Victoria.

There were a few other fun facts revealed about Victoria

Obviously, Victoria addressed everything about her relationship with Chris Soules. Click here to find out all about their status. Plus, she shared some fun facts that Nick thought would be interesting.

Fans learned that Victoria does in fact believe in aliens and spirits. And, she went to all four proms during her high school years. She even admitted to being intimate with her senior prom date.

She is a genuine person who perhaps just comes off wrong to some people. While she is private, she’s also compassionate and wants the same things in life everyone else does. The podcast was extremely interesting and should definitely be checked out.


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