‘LIve’ Kelly Ripa Won’t Stand For Bad Behavior By Audience?

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Live with Kelly and Mark host, Kelly Ripa often engages her audience in the morning talk show. However, she doesn’t like tardiness and in a resident episode, she seemed to get quite sarcastic with latecomers.

Kelly Ripa Won’t Stand For Bad Behavior By ‘Live’ Audience

Last month, some members of the audience dared to heckle the ABC star. That came when she and her husband, Mark Consuleos discussed football teams. Admittedly, people do become passionate about the various teams. But, they made a mistake when they interrupted the talk show host. Quickly, she stopped it by yelling at them.

Kelly Ripa and Mark amused fans when another audience member kissed the person he was with. That came on the Pack Your Bags: Travel Trivia segment about nine days ago. Calling them out for “making out” in the audience gave other people a laugh. However, her more recent interaction wasn’t so funny. Actually, it pays not to be obtrusive when watching the talk show live.

Live Kelly Ripa Has Tardy People In The Audience

The Sun reported that in “a recent episode,” the host took the time “to call out the audience.” Clearly, she felt irritated because she already launched into her introduction when latecomers entered. The outlet noted that they milled around, looking for seats. Sarcastically, Mark’s wife said, “New people are here. Take your time, find your seats,” as she waved her arm around.

ABC's Live with Kelly and Mark Kelly Ripa engages with her audience - Twitter
ABC’s Live with Kelly and Mark – Kelly Ripa engages with her audience – @kellymarklive – Twitter

Live with Kelly and Mark host, Kelly Ripa sometimes alarms her audience with her behavior However, she’s mostly good fun. The morning talk show host gave people the giggles when she demonstrated alert drills. That time, she crawled under her desk to re-enact the nuclear bomb drills when she was still a kid at school. By the way, she also terrified her classmates by telling them the drills wouldn’t save them.

Never Know What’s Next On Live With Kelly And Mark 

Kelly Ripa comes out with all sorts of things, which might explain why the demand to be in the audience seems quite high. Sometimes, she really amusing, after all. And, people seem to like it when she gives too much info about her intimate relationship with Mark.  Of course, emergency wardrobe moments are highly popular. Mind you she did save herself from near disaster by standing up very cautiously when she sat down to demonstrate meditation techniques for kids returning to school.

What do you think about Kelly Ripa getting interrupted by tardy members of the audience? Do you think that she seemed sarcastic when they took their time finding their seats? Would you risk the sharp edge of her tongue to watch her live from the audience? Let us know in the comments below. And, keep coming back for more news about Live with Kelly and Mark.

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