‘Live’ Kelly Ripa Startles Fans In Bizarre Demo

Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark

Why do people like Live with Kelly and Mark host Kelly Ripa so much? Well, she sometimes dishes startling revelations, sprinkles humorous anecdotes, and also flirts naughtily with Mark Consuelos. But this week’s bizarre behavior raised some eyebrows. What’s up with the naughty side of Mark’s wife now? Read on to find out.

Live Kelly Ripa Won’t Be Stopped By Critics

Not everyone loves the talk show host. Perhaps there are just too many people who feel grumpy in the morning. However, those who do tune in and watch the ABC show can’t get enough of her. Actually, she always delivered flirty comments or dropped TMI about her love life with Mark. Slightly naughty fans appreciated that. However, as he works with her now, she can really go to town. Nevertheless, this week’s bizarre act didn’t have anything to do with that.

Live with Kelly and Mark fans sometimes see Kelly Ripa getting serious. Recently, she talked about why she expects that a female will never become POTUS. In August, she claimed that it all comes down to the fact that females have “a vagina.” In her tirade, she noted that there’s just too much stereotyping in the world. Not only must they look amazing, but they mustn’t look too incredible. Women, she opined, “…can’t be emotional, but they can’t be cold…or what if she gets her period — will she launch a nuclear weapon?”

Live Kelly Ripa’s Bizarre Demo

Interestingly, a recent demo by the talk show host revolved around nuclear attacks as well. During Wednesday’s morning talk show, the audience saw the Live with Kelly and Mark hosts talking about the emergency alarm that arrived on everyone’s phone. While Mark discussed it seriously, his wife didn’t. He said that he grew up with “tornado drills” as he grew up “in the Midwest.” Next, The Sun reported that the conversation turned to the “nuclear bomb tests” that Mark’s wife experienced as a child.

Kelly Ripa Startles Fans In Bizarre Demo Live with Kelly And Mark The Sun
Kelly Ripa Startles Fans Under Her Desk – Live with Kelly And Mark via The Sun

The outlet explained, “[Kelly Ripa] then got up out of her seat and squatted under the show’s desk to demonstrate.” And, isn’t that so typically Kelly? Once there, she talked about how “in grade school, we would have nuclear drills where if we were under a nuclear attack, all we would have to do to be safe is get under our desk.” However, even as a young kid, she disbelieved it was “going to help.”

A Sensible Observation

Kelly Ripa said that she always told the person under the desk next to her that it was a load of nonsense, because her “mom said this isn’t going to help us,” One has to wonder how traumatized kids sat next to her back in the day. Actually, it really was a sensible observation. However, at least the drills got the kids focused on something rather than them running around screaming their little heads off.

Can you relate? Did you ever do the under-the-desk nuclear drills? Given the power of a nuclear bomb, do you agree that it was almost as bizarre as Kelly Ripa’s demonstration? Let us know in the comments below, and come back here often for more updates about Live! with Kelly and Mark. 

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