Kelly Ripa Threatens ‘Live’ Producer Over Embarrassing Photo

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Live with Kelly and Mark star host Kelly Ripa is often good fun to watch and certainly, a lot of laughs come from the show but an embarrassing photo got her temper up. On occasion, she gets upset with the crew that she works with and she can let the venom show. Mind you, a photo that showed her from years ago wasn’t one that revealed her best side ever.

‘Live’ Kelly Ripa Got Told Off

In the last week or so, Mark’s wife got told off by a producer and now she told off another one. Clearly, it’s not a day that goes by when something doesn’t go wrong behind the scenes. Mind you, fans got a jolly good laugh last week when she effectively ruined a mediation session with Albert Bianchini and Jan Schillay Wiener. Fortunately, the session where Jan laughed until the tears came wasn’t on Live at the time, and people got the giggles watching it after it appeared on social media.

Kelly Ripa got told to behave and her producer told her off. Another amusing scene where a producer irritated Mark’s wife came when she demonstrated eating oranges in the shower. Well, not content with that, Michael Gelman wanted Mark Consuelos to also start eating fruit in the shower. Wisely, Mark declined and when Gelman pressed for it, he got a few sharp words from the host. This week, it was his turn again.

Kelly Ripa Snarls At Producer Michael Gelman

In a way, it was Mark’s fault that there was an issue at all on Monday’s episode on Live. Actually, thinking about that…where did Gelman find the photo that annoyed the host so much? Hmmm. Collusion could have been going on. Anyway, Mark kickstarted a conversation about TikTok and how those old perm hairstyles are rocking it on the platform. So, he asked his wife if she ever sported that curly style back in the day. It turned out that she did, but she did her own with hot rollers.

Kelly Ripa didn’t really get a chance to say much more, because suddenly, Gelman popped up a photo of her when she was much younger. The Sun reported, “In the middle of her admission, a photo from when she was younger and rocking the hairstyle appeared on screen.”

Live Kelly & Mark ABC Via The sun
Image Credit; Live Kelly & Mark ABC Via The Sun

There she stood in all her glory with her tightly curled pile of hair. She looked all ready to rock at a school dance, perhaps in her strapless top. Well, it was taken at night, which possibly hid the worst of it, But she was an unhappy camper, and she glared!

Threat Aimed At Michael Gelman

Kelly Ripa seemed quite upset about the photo and looked a bit embarrassed. She said to Gelman, “Thank you, Gelman. Remind me to roll out the worst photo you’ve ever taken in your life!”

Trying to keep the peace, Mark told her that he thought she looked really pretty in the photos. Hmmm. like that is going to work. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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