‘Live’ Kelly Ripa Gets Flipped Off & Told To Be Quiet By Producer

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Kelly Ripa, her production partner, Albert Bianchini, and Jan Schillay Wiener filmed a behind-the-scenes session, Albert flipped her off and told Marks Consuelo’s wife to just “be quiet.”  There have been tears on the show in the past, but this time, they were the kind that comes after you laugh until your sides feel bust open. Read on to see why the Live host got the bird and told to be quiet.

Kelly Ripa Took A Break From Live

When she takes a break, the famous talk show host and TV producer really takes a break. In fact, recently, she went away so often that rumors started up that she might leave her own show just like Ryan Seacrest. Well, Albert Bianchini might have briefly wished that she stayed away because she acted up in a wild scene that took place on the carpet.  And no, Mark wasn’t there, so pick up your dirty mind now! It all went down behind the scenes so fans didn’t see it play out on the show.

Live With Kelly And Mark Kelly Ripa Instagram
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Kelly Ripa is known for being hard-hitting if needs be. And she’s experienced enough for anyone working with her to perhaps feel a little trepidation. Meanwhile, Mark comes over as still finding his way forward, so some people can’t get their heads around her frequent absences. Mind you, Mark and Anderson Cooper picked up the fast-paced rhetoric and bonded quite sweetly in her absence. Anyway, the footage that made it to social media this week, didn’t include either of them.

Kelly Ripa Ruins A Behind The Scenes Effort

In fairness to the host, it wasn’t all her fault that things went so wrong. Partly, the blame could lie with Jan Schillay Wiener who got the giggles. Eventually, even Albert Bianchini laughed, but not before he got in his hard-hitting slap when he told his co-producer to just ‘”Be quiet!” Well, it was too much for Jan, who abandoned the effort. Intrigued yet? Well, it was meant to be a mediation session. You know, the one that gets people all relaxed and finding themselves. But all they found was an annoyance that became hilarious.

'Live' Kelly Ripa Albert Bianchini Instagram
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Kelly Ripa and Albert Bianchini shared the footage on Instagram and titled it “#MeditationMonday minus the meditation. #LetsTalkOffCamera BTS @wiener_jan @abtvhd.” Everyone assumed the mediation position, but Kelly Seemed bored, and need a laydown. Then, she objected to the meditation guide’s accent, so Albert changed it. Making an effort, Jan at least tried to meditate. but looking at the other woman made her giggle. which ruined the whole mood.

Flipped Off Amidst Laughter Tears

Kelly Ripa argued about the instructions from the guide and that eventually made them both guffaw with hilarity. It didn’t help when Jan was told to “pretend that you are a gentle observer.” Unable to stop laughing, she let Albert flip off his host and yell at her to “be quiet.” Actually, it was a total fail in terms of meditation, but a big win for smiles and dopamine. Maybe there should be more of that in future shows.

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