‘Live’ Kelly Ripa Shares Eating Juicy Fruit Naked In Shower

Kelly Ripa - Live with Kelly - Late Night with Seth Meyers, YouTube

Live with Kelly and Mark host Kelly Ripa recently shared a shocking NSFW video of herself eating a juicy fruit while naked in the shower.

Kelly is known for pushing boundaries in her humor on Live. And along with her husband and co-host Mark Consuelos, her humor occasionally gets a little raunchy and grown-up. But she took things to a new level in a video of herself recently, which had many fans raising their eyebrows. Read on to find out why Kelly shared a naked video of herself.

Kelly Dissolves In Laughter While Meditating

Kelly Ripa recently caused a stir with her producer in a playful behind-the-scenes video. She was supposed to be meditating with Jan Schillay Wiener and Albert Bianchini. But instead of bringing calm, the moment brought giggles.

Kelly and Jan dissolved into giggles. Albert tried to keep things zen, but eventually, he couldn’t help but laugh. Albert snapped playfully at Kelly, “Be quiet!” And resorted to flipping her and Jan the bird when they continued their antics. Kelly shared the video to Instagram with the caption, “#MeditationMonday minus the meditation.”

Kelly Ripa - Live with Kelly - Instagram
Kelly Ripa – Live with Kelly – Instagram

Live Host Kelly Ripa Shares Video Of Herself Eating A Juicy Fruit While Naked In The Shower

On Tuesday, Kelly Ripa had viewers laughing after she admitted to reading that it was good to eat oranges while in the shower.

As the show kicked off, Kelly explained that she found it “fascinating” and “weird” that an article touted the benefits of eating oranges in the shower. She says that she tried it out of curiosity. According to Kelly, the article says that “when you eat oranges in the shower, it’s the benefit of the scene, the aromatherapy of it all.” But the skeptical host said that she felt the experience could be replicated using essential oils. Kelly added, “They’re saying another practical reason in the shower is so that the juice doesn’t get everywhere.”

The Live host stifled her laughter as she mused, “I say if you’re an adult and eating an orange and getting juice everywhere, then perhaps switch to a less juicy fruit.” Kelly then shared a video of herself doing exactly what the article suggested. The video showed a topless Kelly in the shower, eating an orange. She then wrapped the skin around her neck. She explained, “You can’t tell, but I am showering.” Kelly turned the water on, and she kept eating.

The show turned to clips of producer Michael Gelman washing himself. Kelly quipped, “I will say that if Gelman can show his nipples, I’m not sure why I can’t show mine.”

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