Reza Farahan Roasts ‘RHONY’ Alum Jill Zarin On ‘The GOAT’

Reza Farahan - The Goat - Amazon Via YouTube

Reza Farahan, known for Sharknado 3 and Shahs of Sunset was with, The Real Housewives of New York alum, Jill Zarin was on Amazon Freevee’s The GOAT. Recently, he called the former Bravo star something nasty. Read on to out why.

RHONY Alum Has A Way Of Annoying People

Jill annoyed plenty of Bravo fans when she appeared on Below Deck recently. Many of them thought she acted like a spoiled brat. The crew also complained because she acted like the Admiral of the fleet. Consequently, she called out Fraser Olender. However, Real Housewives of New York fans knew her ways from her days on the show.

Reza Farahan - Pride Today - YouTube
Reza Farahan – Pride Today – YouTube

Reza Farahan didn’t sound thrilled that the new competition show on Amazon included Jill Zarin. The other stars were drawn from shows like The Bachelor, Love Is Blind, Big Brother, Real Housewives, and more. And, they competed for a $200LK prize. You can catch it on Amazon streaming. Living in a mansion with the former RHONY star made Reza Farahan slip in a “horrendous” comment.

RHONY Alum Jill Zarin Called A ‘B*t*h’ By Reza

In an interview with Pride Today, Reza Farahan admitted he lived interacting with the gay community on the show. Plus, he roasted Jill’s behavior. Interestingly, Reza also talked about the Below Deck cameo which stressed the Bravo crew so much. Actually, he noted that being with her was exactly like she was on the show. Furthermore, he noted that Bravo edited her on Below Deck to look a bit better than she really was.

Jill Zarin -RHONY Alum On The GOAT - Amazon
Jill Zarin -RHONY Alum On The GOAT – Amazon

Reza Farahan slammed the former Real Housewives of New York star. Clearly, Jill Zarin’s not on his list of favorites. He added:

Jill made me feel like I was back in a bazaar in Iran. She kept trying to whip out her wares and sell them to you…I regret letting Jill into my life. At the time, it was how I felt. And honestly, Jill is a little bit of a b***h…If you’re going to be on a competition show, watch out for the old lady on the show. She probably might do you dirty at the end.

Reza Farahan - Pride Today - YouTube
Reza Farahan – Pride Today – YouTube

Unrepentant for calling Jill Zarin a nasty word, he later told US Weekly:

I regret my alliance or thinking I had an alliance with Jill. she was a beast in the house. She acted like she owned the mansion and that production were her servants, which was a little off-putting…

What are your thoughts about Reza Farahan slamming Jill Zarin and calling her a “b*t*h”? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here often for all your Real Housewives of New York news.

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