‘Live’ Kelly Ripa Sounds Off On Female POTUS

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Kelly Ripa not only hosts Live! With Kelly and Mark, but she also runs her podcast Let’s Talk Off Camera and she recently sounded off about whether she believes a female POTUS lies in the future. Well, in her lifetime, she predicts that it might not happen. Why is that? Read on to find out.

Live! Kelly Ripa Brings A lot of Laughs With Her Talk Show

Lighthearted and fun describes what most people see when they tune in and watch Mark Consuelos and his wife doing their talk show. That doesn’t make it frivolous, but it does engage a lot of people who really don’t want too much serious stuff on their plates. So, they enjoy the light banter with semi-sexual tones between the couple. Of course, they are famous for that, much to the dismay of their daughter Lola.

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Fans of Kelly Ripa admire her because she wrote a book, Live Wire: Long-Winded Short Stories. Soon,  a paperback edition comes along, and promoting that will, no doubt, keep her busy. Then, she has a big portfolio and a massive net worth, with properties on the books.  So, looking after her investments takes up some of her time as well. Certainly, she’s not just some frivolous comedian with a penchant for eating juicy fruit in the shower.

Kelly Ripa Talks About A Female POTUS

If you look for the serious side to Mark’s wife, then you usually find her on her podcast, Let’s Talk Off Camera. This week, she took to Twitter and shared the link to where she and Senator Amy Klobuchar chatted about The Joy of Politics, Amy’s new book. Well, it seems that women in politics choose a limited career, if you hold with what the Live! host feels. Actually, she seems to feel very strongly about it.

Kelly Ripa said that women face a lot of challenges. For example, she talked about stereotypical things like having “to be tough, but not too tough. [Women] have to look good, but not too good. They can’t be emotional, but they can’t be cold. Or they’re too strong or not strong enough. Or what if she gets her period — will she launch a nuclear weapon?”  Oh, and she blamed the fact that women won’t get to be POTUS on that little word, the “vagina.” 

Is It A Realistic Argument?

The podcast by Kelly Ripa attracted the attention of The Hill, which wrote it up and also shared it on Twitter. Commenters didn’t seem to be any more optimistic than the Live! host. @TenPointPG opined, I sure hope that she’s wrong…But (unfortunately) I don’t think she is,” adding “We’re so far behind other democracies in this regard.”

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that there are only small chances that a woman might be elected as the President of the USA?  Let us know in the comments below.

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