‘Golden Bachelor’ Scene Revealed As Fake

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The Golden Bachelor just started and fans are loving it. A new report shares that one scene may have been a bit fake, though. So what happened? Keep reading to get the details.

Gerry Turner’s Date With Theresa Nist

Gerry Turner went on a one-on-one date with Theresa Nist. These two hit it off really well, but a few things about their date were kinda odd. Viewers were pretty upset to see Gerry driving down the freeway with no lights on his car. They felt like it would have been better if the couple had been taken in a limo or something instead of being forced to drive themselves on the date.

It was obvious that Theresa and Gerry were both scared. They were in a convertible on a freeway, which he said he had never done before. The fans feel like they should have never had him drive like that and they are also upset the women are in bunkbeds on this show.

What Was Fake About It?

One scene on this date appears to be a bit fake. It wasn’t an actual diner that they went to on their date, instead was a fake one that is used for movie sets. You can see the post below that was on Instagram explaining it. This is called Cadillac Jack’s Cafe and is used all the time. It was even used for Vanderpump Rules before.

Golden Bachelor date
Golden Bachelor

Their website explains what is available there saying:

“Cadillac Jacks Cafe is fully dressed and has one Rockola juke box, a full kitchen, counter seating as well as several booths with juke box access. Outside, the diner is decorated with era-specific neon lighting. There is also an outside car hop. We have approximately 28 fully restored and functional classic 50s and 60s vehicles for your use as well.”

They also have classic cars, a swimming pool, a junkyard and a hotel that can be rented to use to film. Fans thought this was a cute little diner, but sadly it was just a prop with actors and actresses working in it. Regardless, it made for a great date for Gerry and Theresa.

Do you feel like this scene was fake on their date? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts. Don’t miss The Golden Bachelor on Thursday nights at 7 p.m. CST on ABC. They are one-hour episodes followed by a two-hour episode of Bachelor In Paradise.

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