‘Golden Bachelor’ Fans Livid Gerry Forced To Drive Without Lights

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Golden Bachelor fans are livid that producers forced Gerry Turner to drive at night without lights. Gerry had his first one-on-one date Thursday evening with Theresa Nist. After picking her up for their date they shared a terrifying experience. They were driving in a convertible down a California freeway which Gerry admitted he had never done before. A car malfunction made it even worse. Keep reading to find out more and also what fans are saying.

Fans livid Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner was forced to drive without headlights

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist were heading out on their date when the headlights on the convertible he was driving stopped working. Theresa calmed him down by placing her hand on his shoulder. However, both of them were terrified. The fear he felt was obvious to fans who watched.

Cars and trucks were passing them as they continued to make their way down the freeway with no headlights. To make matters worse it was his first time driving there and he noted he couldn’t see. Eventually, they made it to the diner they were having dinner at but not without a scare.

Now fans are speaking out in defense of Gerry and are angry with producers for allowing this to happen.

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One fan noted on X that ABC needed to give Gerry a driver. Another fan said, “You literally had YEARS to plan for a #GoldenBachelor and episode 2 you put the women in bunkbeds and have the 70 year old bachelor drive down the highway without headlights?”


Another fan said, “They really let Gerry drive a car with no working headlights on at night on a highway?!?”

Luckily they made it to their destination safely.

They had a great date

Once Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist arrived safely at the diner, they had a wonderful evening. They bonded even more over the loss of their spouses. Then, they were surprised with a flash mob singing and dancing to “Don’t Stop Believing.”

Theresa and Gerry were very obviously into each other. Both expressed hope that they could find love in the future. Neither want to be lonely anymore.

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist via YOuTube

What did you think of Gerry and Theresa’s date?

Gerry is forming some serious connections on the show. Don’t miss all-new episodes of The Golden Bachelor every Thursday on ABC.

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  1. Poor planning on the part of producers…lucky nothing tragic occurred. No one should drive at night first time on that highway at those high speeds, the fact the car was small, convertible and had no lights was just more stupidity.

  2. Putting women over 60 in bunk beds was very inconsiderate! What was the producers thinking🤦‍♀️

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